Robert Englund Does a Freddy Kreuger Styled Coronavirus PSA

Nightmare on Elm Street

Ironically, Robert Englund even with the voice of Freddy Krueger and not the overall look, is the kind of character that makes a person feel LESS safe at home. His PSA is much like any other celebrity’s in that it’s meant to entertain and to get the attention of those that somehow still aren’t getting the lesson that it’s time to just keep your butt home and forget about going outside unless there’s something you really happen to need. How anyone isn’t taking the coronavirus seriously at this point is hard to imagine since it has managed to sweep across the globe in such a profound way, but somehow at the same time the world became so sensitive to just about anything and everything there are also those that have managed to keep the thick-headed mentality that just because something affects them doesn’t mean it’s affecting others. One might think that a lot of folks watching these PSA’s would at least let the message sink in but it would appear that having fun and hanging out in big groups is sometimes a little too appealing. Just imagine if Freddy was real and was able to come visit each person in their dreams just to remind them to keep their butts home in his own particular manner. Well, okay, that might be horrifying and all since knowing how Freddy is he’d be using at least one or two of them to send his ‘message’ in the most violent way possible. But it would definitely get through to a few people don’t you think?

This is about as close as we’re going to see Robert Englund get to the character any longer anyway unless the rumor of an animated Nightmare on Elm Street ever does come up again. Corey Chichizola of CinemaBlend has more to say on this topic. Englund has been pretty firm on stating that he’s getting too old to take on the character any longer and that if the franchise is going to survive it’s going to need someone that can take on the glove and outfit and make it work once again. Jackie Earle Haley did his best to make Freddy breathe and kill once more but people just weren’t buying it for one reason or another, and the reboot really didn’t turn heads the way the originals did. It’s interesting really since the most recent movie wasn’t that terrible. Yeah, I said it, and while I can admit that it wasn’t great either it also wasn’t the dumpster fire that some people thought it was since there were plenty of thrills and chills along the way, though Freddy did lose a bit of the appeal that he had when Englund was behind the mask. Plus, look at it this way, the original of anything is usually very hard to top and those that end up trying usually catch the most flak unless they’re just that good and can overcome the critics from the start. Jackie unfortunately didn’t manage to do this and as a result he was lambasted as the new Freddy.

The legend of Freddy Krueger is one that a lot of people don’t take lightly when it comes to the movies since he became an icon in a very short time and despite the direction the sequels took, mainly a downward spiral, he was still revered in a big way by the fans. It could have something to do with the fact that Robert Englund is simply a master when it comes to acting in a horror movie and has such a creepy look anyway that he’s hard to top. Even when he wasn’t playing Freddy and had another role or was playing himself in A New Nightmare, he’s been one of those actors that people respond to in a big way since he has such a huge presence on screen. But time has a way of reminding people that they can’t keep on going as they’ve been doing for so long and he’s made it obvious that he’s not coming back for another stint as the murderous dream-demon that he made so popular back in the 80s. Back then, especially as a kid, there were plenty of us that thought we were tough or even cool for having watched the Nightmare on Elm Street movies since the effects and the overall gore were so intense that even talking about it was able to make some people sick to their stomachs. But you could say something like “Man that was awesome when he tore the top of his head off and showed his brains!” you were either considered a weirdo or just flat out cool, or both.

It’s nice to see Englund doing his part in trying to get through to the holdouts that still think it’s okay to keep gathering and doing their own thing, hopefully they’ll wise up at some point.

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