Ringer Episode 7 “Oh Gawd, There’s Two of Them?” Recap

I have to admit, this week’s episode of Ringer wasn’t exactly the most exciting episode of its short run, at least until the very end. Then I definitely gasped a few times, and shouted “nooooooo!” when we saw a flashback to the night Gemma disappeared. But I’m getting ahead of myself, because we need to start at the beginning.

After Bridget decided to use Gemma’s recent disappearance as an opportunity to make her real identity disappear in the previous episode, she knew that the truth about Siobhan and Bridget being twins would soon come out. Rather than allow herself to be caught in more lies, she separately told both Andrew and Henry the truth about having a twin. Both of them were upset, of course, but she explained the person and addict Bridget used to be and said she was ashamed. Given what we know of Bridget and Siobhan’s relationship through a few short flashbacks, it’s not hard to imagine that Siobhan would have kept the secret of her sister for those reasons.

The police stopped by to question “Siobhan” and brought Andrew and Henry along to the station, as all three of them were connected to Gemma. When Machado stepped in to join the conversation, he was surprised that Siobhan had told her family and friend about Bridget and was also suspicious of Bridget’s present whereabouts. It’s clear Machado doesn’t trust “Siobhan” as far as he can throw her. Bridget’s ability to lie on the spot is becoming far more proficient than when she first started this ruse, as are her forward-thinking skills.

Meanwhile, Bridget contacted her AA friend, Charlie, who just so happens to be a cop, to see if he could look into Gemma’s disappearance. She refused to tell him many details, but he was happy to help. Only his credibility was completely shot to hell in the very last moments of the episode when he found Gemma’s car in an airport parking lot, exactly where Bridget said it would be. Then Mr. Charlie got on the phone to call none other than Siobhan. That’s right, folks, Bridget’s so-called “friend” is actually in cahoots with her “supposed to be dead” sister. And HE is the very man who attacked Gemma the night she disappeared. I cannot even begin to express my absolute dispair at the thought that the amazing Gemma is dead. Granted, we didn’t see what may have been the last few moments of Gemma’s life, we only saw Charlie attack her and chase her into her house. Is she definitely dead? If she was, I kind of feel like the show would have shown us. This way, it’s open-ended and – I hope – means that she’s only been kidnapped and not killed (just let me have my delusion!).

Meanwhile, Juliet decided to stay with a friend over the weekend but ended up heading to a party instead. For the first time, she acted like a responsible person by offering to drive her drunk friend home instead of letting her drive herself. But the girls ended up in an accident regardless. When Andrew found out about the accident he was both concerned and understandably frustrated. The truth is, Juliet doesn’t exactly have a good track record with her father, so it’s not surprising that he wouldn’t believe she was trying to do the right thing in this situation. To prompt her to change, he’s cut her off from her trust fund.

Malcolm managed to escape his own kidnappers and made his way to New York City. Of course, he quickly realized they were still following him because they wanted him to lead them to Bridget, but he managed to get away for the time being and crossed paths with Bridget at an art show, although the two haven’t really gotten reacquainted yet.

Finally, throughout the episode, Bridget and Andrew grew closer together while Bridget confessed Siobhan’s secrets and Andrew became far more understanding. But the show has finally decided to address that fake baby problem (because, seriously, how long was Bridget going to be able to pull that off?). When Bridget fainted at the art show and was later brought to the hospital, Andrew asked the doctor to check the baby and an ultrasound machine was brought in. Oh yes, this is going to be good. How exactly will Bridget manage to escape this one?

Like I said, the last few moments of the episode (with the Bridget fake pregnancy dilemma and the reveal about Charlie) were an exciting end to an other enjoyable, but slightly slow-paced episode. Until next week, I’ll be sitting here and continuously trying to convince myself that Gemma is still alive, despite all evidence to the contrary.

Watch a trailer and view photos for the November 8 episode of Ringer here and tune in again next week for a new episode.


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