Rihanna Joining Bates Motel for Iconic ‘Psycho’ Role

Some surprise news came out of the Bates Motel panel at San Diego Comic Con today. Following in the vein of Lady Gaga trying her hand at acting in a horror series, Rihanna has been cast as Marion Crane for the fifth and final season. By the way, the confirmation that this will indeed be the final season was also just revealed although it does make sense given the direction of the story. Of course, Marion Crane is the pivotal role of the woman in the Psycho shower murder scene. Even if you’ve never watched the film in your life, you know that scene.

Series creator Carlton Cuse tweeted this pre-recorded video of the singer-turned-actress confirming her role as she was not present at Comic Con.

The casting of the Crane role only confirms that Bates Motel will be going full steam ahead with embracing its Psycho footsteps. Norman made that evident when he killed his mother Norma at the end of the fourth season. You can watch a clip of Vera Farmiga talking about that particular twist at the panel from today.

Now all that’s left is to watch Norman’s character spiral further out of control. Cuse has said before that we shouldn’t expect the show to follow the Hitchcock film exactly, but it’s definitely headed for one wild season when it returns!

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