Rick and Morty Parody Classic Movies in This Claymation Short

Rick and Morty Parody Classic Movies in This Claymation Short

Lee Hardcastle, clay animator. First let me give props to Lee Hardcastle for taking the time to do this and obviously putting forth one heck of an effort to make all these scenes. But holy crap, how messed up can Rick and Morty get? On their own show they’re extremely messed up, but in the movies they seem to get worse. Even more so, Rick seems to be like the ultimate dingus and the ultimate failure as well as the ultimate bad guy. So why in the world would anyone trust him if he’s such an obvious troublemaker?

That is a question I’m still trying to figure out but can only state is the sole province of the creator of this cartoon. Something about the cartoon appeals to people in a way that I can’t quite describe. Some people seem to get it, others like me just look at the cartoon in utter confusion and wonder at how it’s gained such a following. But these claymation movie parodies are pretty funny to be honest.

Thanks to the titles it doesn’t take a movie buff to recognize which films are being parodied. Also, the scenes that are being used are some of the most iconic and well-remembered by fans. Some of them actually make sense for a cartoon like Rick and Morty but others leave you with a look that says you just don’t get it. Not so much the content, but the reason why it was made in the first place. That’s fairly easy to explain really. It’s fun. It’s entertaining, and it’s giving rise to a few laughs at the expense of the movies we love.

That’s an important part of movies though. If you can’t laugh at them in one way or another then the movie is something that’s far too serious to belong to the overall cinematic experience. No matter how sacred, how cherished, or how genuinely sincere a movie is there is no reason why time and circumstance shouldn’t allow it to be parodied in some way. Fictional movies are far easier to do this with obviously since there is so little at stake, but in truth any movie should be able to be parodied at one point or another. If you can’t laugh at the worst moments then you truly don’t deserve the best.

This is not to state that any movies don’t deserve the respect they earn. Respect the movies, cherish them, enjoy them, but learn to laugh at them as well. If someone trashes your favorite movie or creates a parody that you believe is in error then by all means laugh it off. Don’t get hot under the collar and cry foul, simply laugh it away and remember that interpretations will differ from one person to the next.

Rick and Morty, in this sense, aren’t really being used to destroy the films they’re parodying, but instead are being used to comic effect and to shed a little humor on the classics that have come before. For one of the first times since writing about this cartoon I can say that they’ve been used to do something amusing.


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