Rick and Morty 1.11 Review: “Ricksy Business”

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While it’s sad that Rick and Morty had its season one finale last night, titled “Ricksy Business,”  we can at least all be glad that the season was so consistently awesome. Rick and Morty was definitely a surprise for me because it just seemed to have arrived so quickly. Originally, I had stumbled onto an article saying that the show had been picked up by Adult Swim and being a sci-fi cartoon grabbed my attention; however, since the show has come out, it has been one of my favorites. Last night’s season one finale was filled with good plots for all of the characters; Jerry takes Beth on a [safe] Titanic reenactment cruise where fans can simulate the intimate scenes of the movie while Rick, Summer and Morty throw a party back at the house. This wasn’t an outlandish episode like last week’s, but was a fun and comfortable way to finish the season.

As Jerry and Beth are departing for their trip, they leave Rick in charge but make it clear they don’t want to see a thing changed when they come back. Summer immediately announces she is having a party with the hopes of gaining the popular kid’s approval, but Rick says he’s having a party too.  The house becomes packed with a mixture of humans and aliens; (excuse my alien name spelling) Bird Person, Glip-Globs, and Squanchy, to name a few.  Morty is the typical worrying sibling who attempts to clean everything up during the party. He tries to get some help from Rick who ends up leaving him with Gear Head to hear about the long Gear Wars.

Summer is busy with the cool kids but a fight breaks out between Brad and Abradolph Lincler — Rick’s attempt at mixing DNA to create the perfect neutral leader. Brad fighting makes Jessica mad and Morty tries to take advantage and win her over with a tour of him and Rick’s sci-fi workshop. Things are actually going well until Morty catches Squatchy squatchin’ in the closet which causes him to knock over a machine that teleports the entire house to another dimension filled with giant green slime monsters. Rick sends Morty out onto the planet with Abradolph and Summer’s friend Nancy to gather crystals that will hopefully bring them back. Lincler ends up fighting a two headed beast and sacrificing himself so Morty and Nancy can make it back alive where it turns out that Rick only wanted the crystals to use as drugs. Morty is so mad that he throws the crystals back outside and demands to go home.

This entire time Beth and Jerry are on the Titanic reenactment cruise. As I said, the cruise gives diehard fans, like Jerry, the chance to reenact the big scenes in the movie.  Beth wants nothing to do with this fantasy the entire time and ends up telling one of the maid workers, Lucy, to take her place. Her and Jerry do everything but then she drops her clothes to reenact the famous drawing scene followed up with some alone time in the old car, and even when Jerry says no, she threatens him with a gun. Beth comes to his rescue (it’s a good thing she never bought a Kindle) and then the ship malfunctions and misses hitting the iceberg, so they just decide to go home. They are walking up to the door when Rick stops time so that him, Summer and Morty can take as long as they want to clean the house…and pull random people’s pants down and steal a TV.

I thought that Ricksy Business was an awesome episode to finish off the first season of Rick and Morty. No, it wasn’t anything crazy like time traveling to a dimension of all Ricks and Mortys; but the episode had a solid story that included all of the characters. I really like that they brought Summer into their plans again and like seeing her get to join in on the fun with Rick and Morty.  The episode displayed how the show doesn’t have to create something ridiculous each week and can tone it down a notch in order to develop the characters more. I love this first season of Rick and Morty and am excited for whenever it returns!

My Moments of the Night:

– “I just got out of a highly intense soul bond with my previous spirit mate”

-The synchronized “Rick Dance” after Rick snorts the crystals was hilarious.

-It turns out Rick’s “wub a dub wub dub” (spelling?) catch phrase has been him saying that he’s in danger and pain in Bird Person language. Aw, hopefully Morty can help cheer him up now knowing this!

What did you think of last night’s Rick and Morty episode? Was “Ricksy Business” a satisfying season finale? Let me know why you did or didn’t like it below!

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