Will There Ever Be A Game Like Rick And Morty’s “Roy: A Life Well Lived?”

Will There Ever Be A Game Like Rick And Morty’s “Roy: A Life Well Lived?”

Will There Ever Be A Game Like Rick And Morty’s “Roy: A Life Well Lived?”

Every Rick and Morty fan remembers the awesome episode Mortynight Run. Whether it be for Krombopulos Michael, the assassin, ‘Fart’ played by Jemaine Clement, the day care for specifically Jerry’s, or the awesome arcade, Blips and Chitz, the episode is most certainly a fan favorite for multiple reasons. However, one of the most iconic and hilarious moments of the episode happens when Morty puts on a VR headset and lives the full life of a man named Roy competing to see how long he lives.

When Rick goes to do the same thing, we see the true potential of Rick’s mind as he takes his character completely off the grid and find out how completely average Morty is in comparison. However, after the episode aired, countless Rick and Morty fans were wondering one thing; when would Roy: A Life Well Lived actually become a video game?

Although no word has been released on an actual VR game, fans have taken to creating cover art for the game and trying to formulate their own prototypes likewise. However, although VR has definitely gotten much more responsive and efficient in the last few years, there is still so much more to be done before a game as extensive as Roy can be actually created. For one, the actual time you can use a VR headset currently is not long enough to live an entire life and, although it is speculated in the show that time stops as you play the game from birth to death, this kind of technology to freeze time or speed up time but trick your brain to assume it is still halted is nothing more than a dream as of now.

Still, many industries have begun to embrace VR technology in the last few years and this is exactly the kind of foundation needed for games such as Roy: A Life Well Lived to be created. In fact, many businesses have embraced VR technology for much more than simply gaming including prototype testing, virtual data recovery, and even mixed reality workshopping. With this kind of support from the industry being given to VR and Justin Roiland dipping his feet in the VR world as well, perhaps this awesome game isn’t as far away from a reality as we may think and perhaps, by 2018, we can be selling carpet and going rogue in the virtual world of Roy: A Life Well Lived.


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