Rick and Morty Producer Says a Movie is “Very Possible”

A Rick and Morty movie feels like it would be the next logical step when considering how long the show has been on the air and how many fans it’s gained over the years. It doesn’t sound as though this is the plan right at the moment since the producer of the show has said that it’s possible, but it’s not on the docket at the moment. But if the show is as crazy as it is one has to imagine that a movie is going to need to move in a direction that’s even more out of control and will push limits that the show hasn’t touched yet. Or perhaps the same material will be seen but in a much more extravagant manner. The idea of trying to fathom this is enough to make some people pass out from euphoric shock or perhaps simply shut down as they try to contemplate how Rick and Morty could push any more boundaries than they already have. Oh, there are ways.

Trying to take in everything that Rick and Morty, and their family, have been through during the course of the show might not be entirely possible since let’s face it, they’ve done a lot of crazy stuff on the show. But there’s also the danger that a movie might not be the right move since animated movies that are derived from a series have been seen to tank in the past, or at the very least receive mixed reviews that didn’t help the main idea all that much. Fans are notoriously fickle when it comes to what they want to see from their favorite shows and it’s likely that some people wouldn’t want to focus on a movie that might try to be more comprehensive than it needs to be. Some might even think that the creators might be getting a little too ambitious when it comes to the overall popularity of the show. That doesn’t feel as though it might be a huge issue, but there’s always the off chance that someone might like the show so much that they would deny that a movie has any worth.

It feels safe to say that no Rick and Morty fan would ever utter such words, but people might be surprised since the idea that a movie can ruin a series isn’t idle talk. It’s not guaranteed to happen, but it is possible. Full-length movies aren’t always the best way to go about celebrating a hit series since movies tend to need a beginning and a definitive end, even if it is left open. A series can keep going and going and decide to end things within the episode or leave them open to be resolved later. If a movie does this then typically they’ll need more time to spread the story out and settle one dilemma after another. A movie could be a good idea, but it would likely need to be open-ended and connect to the series in some way that would make at least a bit of sense, as much as the show ever really makes anyway.

There’s no doubt that the creators of Rick and Morty are proud of creating something that’s so far out there that it defies the imagination at times, but it’s also genius in its own way since there are so many different ways to spin this story that it does feel likely that there are still quite a few things that can be done with Rick and Morty that have yet to be tried. Taking a look at the episodes that have come around to date, it’s easy to think of a dozen different ideas that might create a movie that might appease the fans, but it’s also fair to say that it would upset some of the other fans since trying to keep everyone happy just isn’t a possibility. A common denominator would have to be found most likely when it comes to keeping people just happy enough to call it a win, but with Rick and Morty there are so many different ways this could happen that picking the right one feels like an iffy proposal.

It’s bound to happen though, that much is obvious, and if it takes a bit of time, or gets stuck in development hell, then one can be certain that the fans will be lending their voices to ask what the holdup is and how long will it be until they get to see what they want, Rick and Morty on the big screen. That’s one thing about at least a part of the fanbase, they’re not exactly patient, which means that one way or another this kind of needs to happen in order to keep the fans from flipping out as they did over the Mulan sauce at one point.

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