5 TV Shows That Make You Appreciate the Life You Have

5 TV Shows That Make You Appreciate the Life You Have

There are some shows that simply make us glad that we’re not the parents, the children, or anyone even remotely related to the main characters. Either their lives are so hard, tormented, or constantly under attack that we feel that we might not be able to take it if we had to deal with that kind of thing ourselves. This instantly makes us feel better about the lives we lead and gives us all a different perspective of just how good we really have it.

Here are a few of the shows you might watch in which the characters have it much worse than you could ever imagine.

5. The Night Shift

Just think about being an ER doctor on call or being forced to wait for the ambulance to roll in with what could be a patient in dire need of attention. It’s not enough that these doctors simply be there when they’re needed, they have to perform miracles at times to save their patients and insure that they are doing all they can in order to keep those people breathing and on the road to recovery. The pressure this can bring is immense, and is not for the faint of heart. It can also make you realize that simply taking care of yourself is not really that hard.

4. 13 Reasons Why

A young girl kills herself after detailing the reasons why she’s done this. Not long after her death the tapes she managed to leave show up and begin to tell the lurid details of just why she has done this. She names with great accuracy each and every time she felt alone, depressed, abandoned, or otherwise neglected, and eventually she even names the young man that cared for her, making it so much worse as he’s been the messenger this entire time. This show makes you realize that whatever’s going on in your life right now, it can’t possibly be so bad that you can’t work it out.

3. You Get Me

Ever been stalked? Ever had that one person in your life that can’t seem to get the hint that you don’t like them in that certain way? It can become exhausting, tiring, and eventually dangerous to allow someone with this kind of fixation to stick around. The imbalance that they feel when you don’t respond is capable of growing to a frenzy that will eventually consume anyone it touches. Feel glad if you have someone that wants you around, but do what you can not to take advantage of them.

2. Bloodline

We all have family issues that crop up from time to time. However, it’s kind of a safe bet that not all of us have the black sheep in the family that tries to ruin us by smuggling drugs through the family business. The family in this series has enough dark secrets without adding another one, but eventually they get to tack on one more when they kill the black sheep and then attempt to make it seem like an accident. Family troubles are often the worst sort of trouble.

1. Shameless

If you’re family is even a fraction as messed up as this one you are already on a downward spiral. But the chances are that no one is as messed up as the Gallagher clan. Their father is a drunken con man, the family is essentially run by the oldest child, and the rest of them have such massive issues that it would take a team of psychiatrists years to sort them all out.  So in reality, your family can’t possibly be this messed up, so be grateful.

Give thanks that your family life isn’t like a sitcom. If it was, then you’d better hope it at least had a laugh track to go with it just to ease the tension.


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