Revolution 2.13 Review: “Happy Endings”


During this week’s episode of Revolution, some of the characters finally had the opportunity to blow off some steam.

We were left last week with Connor in a sticky situation with Truman’s men bursting into his office pointing guns. Connor had his gun on Truman and it all came down to who would pull the trigger first. Truman ordered one soldier to shoot Connor but because he hesitated, he was shot first by a mysterious sniper. Connor has his dad looking out for him, acting as a sniper. He took the vaccines and left Truman handcuffed, refusing to help him. Connor conveniently got back in time to save Gene, only to carelessly leave some around so Truman could save himself too.

Despite all the tense stuff going on, there were some lovely light-hearted scenes in this episode. Miles takes Rachel to a drive in movie, albeit it is just a blank screen. It was a sweet thought for them to escape their worries for a short while. Rachel decides to take it one-step further and they end up sleeping together.

Rachel and Miles are not the only ones who get intimate. Charlie follows her mother’s initiative and sleeps with Connor, who is cannot believe his luck. Charlie explains to him that she does not believe they will live through the year, the patriots are too strong, and so she just wanted to have a bit of fun. Way to put Connor down but we as an audience can relate. Recent episodes have been so pessimistic that it was nice to have a playful moment.

Neville is somehow still alive. The reason being that he is the best man for the Patriots latest mission — to kill Monroe. His orders come direct from the President himself, the man Neville wanted to destroy. The President casually talks about having parts of Julia removed whilst he eats his breakfast if he did not agree. Neville was backed into a corner with that one but he was cheeky enough to negotiate with the President and ask if his son could join him. The President is taken aback by his boldness and thinks what harm can it do? This could be a massive mistake for the Patriots.

So, Neville and Jason go down to Willoughby to kill Monroe. Jason seems fine considering he had just been imprisoned in a hell hole. It was enough to make Julia breakdown, yet there is not a scratch on him. Unfortunately for Neville, Monroe had gone elsewhere.

The gang are heavily outnumbered. They know they have no chance in defeating the Patriots with just the five of them, luckily Monroe know where to get some henchmen — in New Vegas. Charlie tags along, telling Miles and Rachel that someone needs to keep an eye on them. Obviously, the real reason was that she wanted some fun with Connor. Good on ya girl.

We first saw New Vegas at the beginning of season 2 and it is still as wild as ever. It is the place for gambling, fights and Steven Tyler’s mummified corpse. Sounds like a thrill! There is no time to waste as they go into one of the casino tents looking for Duncan, who happens to be a woman. She and Miles have some history and it makes her reluctant to help. Miles manages to talk to her but for the henchmen needs, she demands 30 diamonds per head. They do not have this money so, of course, they plan to steal it. The three of them come up with a clever plan, Miles gets into the fighting pit with New Vegas’ best fighter which would make the casino quieter. Charlie and Connor then do a sneaky swap of the boxes, Charlie is almost caught and she drops the box, only for the box to be full of rocks as she runs away. In a flashback scene, it is revealed that she put the real box in the bin.

Rachel and Miles come back from their steamy date to find Gene has company. Neville and Jason have found them with little effort. He was not lying when he told the President he knew how Monroe thinks. They are initially cautious, but Neville is the master of deceit. Miles asks Jason to clarify his story and he very unconvincingly says that he swears on his mother grave. Big words but he looked so uncomfortable – Miles surely did not buy that? Do we as an audience actually buy that? No one knows what Neville’s real plan is, not even Jason. Maybe he is planning to use Monroe to help them get Julia back and destroy the Patriots in the process. We shall see.

Aaron and Priscilla reach Lubbock, Texas to find an old friend outside a church. Peter was once an acid dropping computer geek, he is now a Priest with an ability to heal others. Aaron and Pricilla know different and they explain to him that a code they wrote in college has been used to create the nanotech, which is creating these miracle healings. It is possible that Peter did have an idea that something unusual was happening but he does not care. People worship him and asks them to embrace the gift they have been given. Peter has only witnessed the good side to the nanites unlike Aaron who had seen people killed because of it. Hopefully this storyline will start speeding up as they work together to find out how it works.

To end the episode Miles and Connor walk out together thinking their plan had succeeded. In true Revolution style, Gould and his men apprehend them. They first came into New Vegas as a group – it is obvious they would derive a conclusion. Common sense really. The Monroe Republic rebirth will have to wait another week guys.

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