Remembering Lois de Banzie: Veteran Actress Died at 90

These days it’s likely that a lot of people might not really remember who Lois de Banzie was until they take a look at some of the things that she did in her career and how many years she did spend in the business. For those of us that grew up in the 80s, we likely saw her more often than we think and didn’t realize it, while those that grew up in previous decades may very well remember her work and be saddened to learn that she passed away this past April. Her family didn’t release the news until later, but it’s still a sad day to lose someone that contributed too much to show business in their own way. Many of the older generations have been passing away in recent years, as have several that are still fairly young, and those that are too young. The passing of anyone in the business is bound to be noticed and lamented, but one thing that can be said about Lois is that she did live a long and successful life as she passed at the age of 90 years old, which is definitely enough to admit that she was around long enough to see things change in a big way and be a part of them.

Going over her career it’s evident that she was the type of actress that didn’t mind moving around from show to show as a guest, as she featured in many different sitcoms and movies. Her work on stage was also duly noted and earned her a few awards as well. To think that anyone can be this good and fade from memory almost feels like an insult, at least until one gets a look at the playing field that’s called show business. There are literally thousands, if not more, of actors that are seeking a chance at any given moment, and hundreds of those that manage to make their way into the spotlight on a regular basis. Trying to keep track of every last person that makes it big or even makes a mediocre amount of success isn’t possible for any one person, in fact, it’s almost impossible for a team of people that are tasked with making sure that the most talented people get noticed. It’s easy to think that some folks don’t get the attention they deserve, while others are ushered into the business on little if any, real talent.

Lois was one of the several that managed to make her career by being one of the best, there’s no doubt of this, but thinking that she’s faded into memory at this point isn’t too hard either since as always, the show must go on, and those that are no longer a part of it will be remembered by some, but not all. It’s entirely possible that the stars of today that are so popular will be relegated to memory one day, even if people don’t believe this will happen. All one has to do is take a look at the many actors that are on their way up to realize that Lois isn’t the only person that will be cast into the history books. But the point is that she’s there, meaning her career was impressive enough to keep her memory alive and well, and that’s what is important. Being remembered for the things we do in this life is important to many people since it reminds others that we were here, that we did something worthy of note, and that one way or another, history will remember us even if people start to forget. That might sound a little melodramatic to be sure, but it’s a fact that Lois and many others deserve after the time and effort they’ve put into the business and the sacrifices that many have had to make in order to keep the whole thing running as it currently is. Those that have modeled themselves after actors such as Lois are bound to give their thanks and their platitudes and cliche phrases just as much as I will, but the thing about losing another actor is this; it’s going to keep happening.

Whether people expected that or not, it’s true. The older generations are still around and they’re still doing their thing or enjoying retirement, but their time will be up soon and many of them know it. Some might not want to go, some might be looking forward to that final rest, but if there’s one thing that should unite any and all of those that have been a part of the show business scene for so long, it’s that they left something behind for future generations to look at and learn from if they have the inclination. Here’s hoping that the current and future generations will take this under consideration. Rest in peace ma’am, you’ll be missed.

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