Recap – Bones 5.02 “The Bond in the Boot”

Bones_BondBoot-Sc2_0061Up here in Canada we don’t get to watch those awesome Super Bowl commercials. And we often have to watch different previews for next week’s episodes. There are some channels and shows that we don’t ever get and we can’t watch videos on Hulu or MTV online. But we get Bones a whole day earlier. So there.

We open with the Bond theme song and a man smoking and holding a briefcase. Another man approaches behind him with the a gun. He shoots briefcase guy, grabs the knife the other guy used for about one second to defend himself, cuts off the guy’s hand and takes the briefcase (briefcase guy was handcuffed to the case, you see). Then, as he drives off in a sweet car, the killer gets shot at.

Cut to morning, where cats are picking at the dead body and basically eating the flesh. Gross. Brennan’s showing Booth her new Rolex, which she was given by her publishers because of the success of her new book. Booth seems a bit put out by the money that she’s made. Booth also gets a call about a plumber wanting to charge him $800 to fix a leak, but he’s all ‘that’s extortion and I’m a big, strong man and I’ll fix it myself’. He admits to Brennan that he can’t really remember how to be a handyman since the coma and when she offers to lend him the money he refuses.

They come upon the body and Booth is all ‘this is why I hate cats’and I wonder whether he hated cats before or just dogs. Because I remember an aversion to dogs. The two of them shoo away the cats and Brennan says the body’s been there for two days. The parking attendant who found the body says this is a long-term parking lot, which accounts for why the body wasn’t found earlier. Then the cats stare creepily – and hungrily – at Booth and Brennan. Great. Now I hate cats too.

Back at the lab Cam concludes that she’s definitely not getting a cat for Michelle as she examines the body. She finds steel wool (commonly used in silencers) on the clothes. Wendell concludes that the guy is from Russia and he and Cam try to figure out why the guy’s hand got cut off.

A State Department employee is talking to Booth, trying to decide whether to provide him with sensitive information. Turns out the dead guy, Antonov, arrived in the US three days and then went missing. He went through the diplomatic customs upon arrival and Booth wonders why a diamond dealer would have a diplomatic passport (but the State guy says that Antonov was never given diplomatic clearance). So basically the government has no idea what’s going on. Typical.

Booth’s interviewing a blonde lady (Lena) at the FBI, who says Antonov was moving $2 million worth of diamonds from their Siberian mine. She’s surprised that Antonov got past the diplomatic checkpoint. Blonde lady wonders whether Antonov wasn’t carrying diamonds, which is why he didn’t want customs to see the briefcase.

Bones_BondBoot-Sc8_0099Back at the lab, Angela is trying to determine what type of car ran over Antonov’s legs after he was shot. Cam comes in to tell Angela and Hodgins that Wendell lost his scholarship, which means he’ll have to give up his internship. Cam wants to try to find other funding options before telling Wendell the bad news. Wendell comes in and the others look cagey and it turns out that Angela’s computer identified the car. I think it’s an Aston Martin, which the team quickly identifies as Bond’s car (didn’t Bond used to drive Aston Martins before he got upgraded to a BMW or something in the Pierce Brosnon movies?).

Brennan and Booth are meeting with Sweets at the dinner, talking about the case. Sweets is trying to put together a profile on Antonov and he thinks that he might be a spy, which Booth agrees with. Booth also gets a call about the Plumbing for Dummies book he ordered. Brennan wonders why Booth won’t borrow her money. Sweets says that a large disparity in income could affect Booth and Brennan’s relationship. Booth goes to pull the car around so they can go to the Bond car and Sweets suggests that Brennan help Booth fix the pipes so that he can feel like a man again. Or something.

Booth and Brennan find Bond’s car in an alley. It’s leaking blood, so they pop open the truck to find a dead body in it. They also find the gun (Bond’s gun) with the body, along with a CIA badge.

At the lab, Angela asks if Brennan has thought of starting a scholarship to help Wendell. She, Cam and Hodgins are examining the body.

Brennan and Booth are driving to Langley to talk to the CIA. Brennan wonders whether Booth has a problem with her making more money and he admits its a big weird. But he doesn’t think his life would be better if he were rich. Oh Booth. You silly man.

The two of them meet with Arthur Rutledge, Assistant Director of Intelligence at the CIA. He says Greg Dorit (guy in trunk) wasn’t working on anything for them when he was killed and that he hadn’t been assigned a gun. Turns out Dorit was an analyst, not an agent. Booth produces a warrant for more information and Rutledge sends Brennan out of the room because she doesn’t have clearance. Dorit was working the Turkmenistan desk, reviewing websites. Rutledge says he doesn’t know of any motive for Dorit killing Antonov. Rutledge is cagey about what might have been in the briefcase.

Cam and Wendell are examining one of the two bodies (don’t know which one) and Wendell notices holes in the victim’s arm. Cam tries to talk about Wendell’s scholarship with him and Wendell reveals that he and his mom consider it a ‘miracle’.

A secretary (Mandy) is escorting Booth to Dorit’s office, which is completely empty. The secretary tells Booth that Dorit was a great analyst, contrary to what Rutledge said. Turns out Dorit was supposed to testify against someone who he wasn’t sure was guilty – a guy named Pedro Marquez, a guy the CIA thought was a terrorist. Marquez was released from prison last week and the secretary wonders whether Marquez killed Dorit, because Dorit’s testimony put him in prison before he was cleared.

Bones_BondBoot-Sc9_0003Booth and Brennan are interviewing Marquez at the FBI. Booth wonders whether Marquez tortured Dorit before killing him, but Marquez says he didn’t kill anyone.

Back at the lab, Brennan and Wendell are discussing Dorit’s secret life as an agent and the holes in Dorit’s bones. Brennan spills the beans about Wendell losing his scholarship. He’s appropriately devastated. Hodgins comes over and says he found a bug in Dorit’s watch (a listening device – not an insect). Hodgins realizes that Wendell knows about his lost scholarship and feels bad as Brennan goes to talk to Booth.

Booth’s in his office, putting a band-aid on his forearm. Seriously? Seriously?! Last week I got short-sleeves and biceps and this week I get a bandaged forearm? I hate you, costumer. I hate you so much. Brennan walks in and Booth reveals that he cut himself trying to fix his pipes without the book (since the bookstore ran out of copies).

Booth and Brennan go to speak to Mandy, who reveals that she bugged Dorit because she thought he was cheating on her. She says her relationship with Dorit was under the radar (company policy), but he broke up with her a week before he disappeared. He did it by sending her a photo by email of him waving goodbye (much worse than that post-it note breakup on Sex and the City). She also reveals that Dorit and Rutledge talked about diamonds.

In the lab, Angela notices something weird about the photo of Dorit waving goodbye. She notices some code in the photo. Wendell and Cam discuss the fact that Dorit clearly endured a lot of torture but didn’t break.

At the FBI, Brennan gives Booth a copy of Plumbing for Dummies. He says he can teach her about plumbing after he’s gone through the book and she agrees (following Sweets’advice from earlier). She also asks why they can’t question Rutledge about his diamond conversation with Dorit. Booth says because Rutledge is a VIP.

In the lab, Wendell tells Cam that Dorit’s spine received a super-special blow that only special forces and military people know. Oh yeah, and people like Rutledge, who we later learn used to be a field agent for the CIA.

The State guy is telling Booth, Brennan and Sweets about Rutledge’s past. Sweets wonders whether Rutledge is a double-agent, but State guy doesn’t buy it. Booth gets some information in a folder that he calls their ‘smoking gun’.

Bones_BondBoot-Sc9_0095Booth and Brennan have brought Rutledge in for questioning, because he created security holes at the airport to allow Antonov to bring in the briefcase. Rutledge admits to creating the hole to bring in extra diamonds which would be exchanged for political prisoners in Pakistan. Apparently Dorit read online chatter about the exchange and told him to mind his own business. Booth wonders if there was something besides diamonds in the brief case.

At the lab, Cam tells Angela that the CIA is coming to collect Antonov and Dorit’s bodies in 10 minutes and taking over the investigation. Angela’s still trying to decode the photo.

Booth is trying to get Wendell to put the pieces together by using hockey analogies. Wendell begins to list Dorit’s injuries and they determine cause of deal. Wendell realizes that the holes in Dorit’s bones were caused by a laser (like a diamond-cutting laser). Brennan says that Lena (Antonov’s boss) would have access to such a laser. Rutledge and his goons come in and Booth says they figured it out. Dorit knew Antonov was working for Lena and when Rutledge wouldn’t listen, he decided to take care of it himself. Then Lena kills Dorit.

At the FBI, Booth, Rutledge and Brennan are questioning Lena and reveal that they have the murder weapons she used. Rutledge says that she doesn’t know where the briefcase is and is shocked how Dorit stood up to her torture. Angel calls and says she decoded the photo: there was a map hidden on Dorit’s hand. So the gang heads down to some storage lockers and find the case. They open it to reveal a USB stick. According to Booth, sometimes information could be more important than diamonds. Bullsh*t. I’d rather have the shiny diamonds. But we don’t find out what the information is. ARGH! Cut to Booth, Rutledge and Brennan seeing a star being put on the CIA wall of fallen agents in memory of Dorit for his heroism.

At the Jeffersonian the next day, Wendell’s saying his goodbyes when Cam comes in to announce that someone mysteriously donated money for Wendell’s scholarship. He realizes that it was probably someone in the lab and thanks them all. When he goes back to work, Cam says that they got enough money for three scholarships (so it looks like Cam, Brennan and Hodgins all donated money). Cute.

Booth is showing Brennan how to fix pipes at his apartment. Booth puts his hand over hers on a pipe and he says he’s happy they don’t keep secrets from each other. She says that she feels close to him and they test the water. The pipe holds for a minute and then bursts. We fade out on Brennan complaining about her soaked Rolex.

Alright, complicated mystery, but cute episode. I better see some Booth biceps next week though.

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