20 Reasons “This Is Us” is the Best Show on Television

20 Reasons “This Is Us” is the Best Show on Television

20 Reasons “This Is Us” is the Best Show on Television

Created by Dan Fogelman, ‘This Is Us’ is a drama television series that first aired on NBC on September 20, 2016. The series covers several different time frames but follows a family of two parents and their three children. The mother gave birth to triplets, but one of the babies sadly died. They then adopt a baby who was born on the same day and abandoned at a local fire station to make their family complete. The series stars an ensemble cast that includes Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, Chrissy Metz, Justin Hartley, and Sterling K. Brown. The series has been nominated for multiple awards and has been a huge hit with fans. Sterling K. Brown has won a Golden Globe, an Emmy, an NAACP Image Award, and a Critics’ Choice Award for his portrayal of Randall Pearson. ‘This Is Us’ has now become a big hit and is gearing up for another season.  Here are 20 reasons why everyone loves this series.

1. The Fantastic Storylines

The main attraction of ‘This is Us’ is the fantastic storylines and it is this that keeps viewers tuning in time and again. Credit for these should be given to Dan Fogelman who created the series and is responsible for writing 54 episodes of the series. Another talented writer who has contributed to 37 episodes is Kay Oyegun, while Laura Kenar has had input in 20 episodes. There are also many other writers who have worked on the series. The thing that is so great about the storylines is the way that viewers are always wondering what the missing piece of the jigsaw is as the story moves backward and forward in time.

2. The Comedic Elements

‘This Is Us’ is predominantly a drama series with serious storylines. However, there are elements of comedy throughout the series that give the series a lighter side. Chrissy Metz, who plays Kate Pearson, is the perfect example of an actress who can easily switch between delivering an emotive and meaningful performance and then throwing in a one-liner with ease. Another actor who delivers a fantastic comedy performance in the series is Chris Sullivan, who plays Toby Damon.

3. Switching Time Frames

It differs from other drama series because of the switches between different time frames. This keeps the story interesting as the events from the different time frames are all interlinked and relevant to the present-day elements of the storyline. The fact that the series is not played out ins chronological order is why the series has excitement, tension, and suspense.

4. The Elements of Music

The musical element of the series is worth noting. The background music reflects the emotions of the characters and the storyline. However, the best musical moments are delivered by the characters themselves when they perform. Particularly noteworthy are the performances of Rebecca and Kate Pearson, who are played by Mandy Moore and Chrissy Metz respectively. Both women sing throughout the series and demonstrate their outstanding vocal ability. Also, Ron Cephus Jones, who portrays Randall’s biological father William ‘Shakespeare’ Hill, plays the piano in several episodes. These were some of the musical highlights of the series.

5. The Relationship Between the Triplets

The relationship between the ‘triplets’ is fascinating to watch. While there is a clear bond between them, there are also some elements of tension in the family dynamics. While Kate seems close to everyone in his family, Kevin and Randall have a challenging relationship. There is also the tension between Randall and his mother after he learns that she knew who his biological father was and kept this a secret. Despite the various tensions, there is evidence of the closeness of the three Randall children throughout the series.

6. Highlighting Rainbow Families

Modern families are diverse, with all combinations of parentage and living situations. This is highlighted in ‘This is Us’ as their family situation is unique. Her Campus notes that the diversity of the cast and the issues covered, such as race and adoption, make this series interesting viewing.

7. It Makes You Cry….A Lot

There is nothing like a good cry when watching a series that you love. While there are many happy events in the series, there are also emotional moments that will make you cry. Sometimes this is with happiness and sometimes it is with sadness, says The Odyssey Online. You will experience a whole range of emotions when watching this show.

8. It is Relatable

For viewers to have a desire to continue watching the series, many need to relate to one or more of the character or to the situations in the storylines. There are so many different aspects of the show that people can potentially relate to, such as weight loss, family life, adoption, race, personal relationships, and different personality traits of the characters. This means that the show appeals to a diverse group of viewers.

9. The Element of Suspense

‘This Is Us’ has an element of suspense in almost every episode. For example, after learning that Jack Pearson had died, Viewers were in suspense waiting to find out how it had happened. There were several episodes that went back in time and showed scenes that tricked viewers into thinking they were about to find out about his death without it actually being revealed. Many episodes end with a cliffhanger that brings viewers back to find out what happens in the next episode.

10. It Highlights the Challenges of Family Life

The primary focus of ‘This Is Us’ is about family life. This includes the Pearson family as a whole, Randall’s young family, and the family dynamics between each of the characters. While there are many happy moments in their family lives, there are also many challenges that they face along the way. For example, Jack and Rebecca strolling to cope with three young babies, or Randall trying to get the right balance between his hectic working life and his family responsibilities. These are all typical challenges of family life that people from all around the world experience, and this is something to which the viewers can relate.

11. There is a Curvy Woman in a Lead Role

Many series feature only slim women in the lead roles. Chrissy Metz is a curvier figure, and it is nice to see a plus-size woman in a leading role. Featuring women with different body shapes in the series is a better representation of women in society. Many of the storylines relate to Kate Pearson’s obesity and her struggle with weight loss, and this is something the actress understands from personal experience. The Cheat Sheet reported how Chrissy Metz has struggled with her weight from the age of 11 and that she signed a weight loss contract when she was cast in the role of Kate Pearson. There is no weight loss goal set in this contract, so Chrissy can lose weight safely at her own pace.

12. You Can Revisit Your Childhood

Regardless of whether you grew up in the 70s, 80s, or 90s, there are parts of this show that allow you to revisit your childhood. As the series switches backward and forward between different time frames, viewers will recognize elements of interior design, products, and clothing from the era in which they grew up. This is also a talking point while watching the show with someone else.

13. It Teaches People to Reflect and Accept Their Faults

Although the characters are amazing, they all have their faults. In the series, each of the characters faces up to their faults in various storylines and then accepts these faults. If viewers can identify with the character and recognize that they also share these faults, then it makes the viewer accept their faults just like the character.

14. It Shows All Types of Love

Love is a theme that runs throughout ‘This Is Us’, and all types of love are demonstrated. There is love in relationships, such as the love between Jack and Rebecca and between Randall and his wife Beth Pearson. There is also the love between the siblings, which is demonstrated by the Pearson children and by Randall’s children. Another type of love that is shown is that of a parent for their child, regardless of whether there is a biological connection or not.

15. There Are Some Fantastic Twists

Things are not always what you expect on this series as there are some fantastic twists in the storyline. This was clear right from the pilot episode when viewers didn’t know the relationship between the different characters right up until the end. Another is when it is revealed that Kevin has an ex-wife when his marriage has never been mentioned before in the series. These are just two of the twists that viewers can enjoy when watching this series.

16. The Big Three and Their Chant

Scary Mommy says that ‘The Big Three’ chant is the cutest thing ever, and it’s true! Almost from the beginning of the series, viewers see the three children doing the chant with their dad. First, Kevin says, “First came, me and Dad said, ‘Gee.’, then Kate says, ‘And then came me, and Mom said, ‘Whee!’, and then finally, Randall says, ‘And then came me, and Dad said, “That’s three.’. The chant is ended by the three children and Jack Pearson putting their fists together and shouting ‘Big Three.’ It is a sign of their family unity and they continue to do this into adulthood.

17. The Great Acting

This series is well cast with some very talented actors playing the lead roles. The acting throughout the series is excellent as each character is relatable and believable. This is one of the reasons why viewers have consistently tuned in for the series. The first three seasons of ‘This Is Us’ have all attracted over 10 million viewers in the United States. The great acting is also one of the predominant reasons why the series has been nominated for multiple awards, many of which it has won. These have included the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series in both 2018 and 2019.

18. The Child Actors Are Adorable and Talented

It is not just the adults in this series that make it so compelling to watch as the young actors are extremely talented and adorable. When the series goes back to different time frames, viewers see younger versions of Rebecca, Jack, Kevin, Kate, and Randall. Various young actors portray these characters at different stages of their childhood and teens. In the current day, the main child characters in the series are Tess and Annie Pearson, Randall’s daughters. Tess is played by Eris Barker, while Faithe Herman plays the role of Annie.

19. The Excellent Production

There is so much more to praise about this series than the performances delivered by the actors. The direction and production of ‘This Is Us’ are excellent, and the roles of the directors and producers are key components in creating such a fantastic end product. Pure Fandom praises the cinematography and notes that the way the story flits between the time frames in such a way that viewers need to piece together the information is amazing.

20. How Unique the Series Is

While there are some television shows that cover one of the themes featured in the series, there are none that are completely like this. There is nothing on television now with which you could make a direct comparison, and the uniqueness of ‘This Is Us’ is one of the things that make it so great and it is something that another series would struggle to replicate.

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