The Real Sound of a Mountain Lion Screaming is Absolutely Terrifying

The Real Sound of a Mountain Lion Screaming is Absolutely Terrifying

The sound of a mountain lion screaming is one of the most terrifying things you might ever hear. This sounds like something out of a horror movie where you might see the young man get mauled at any moment. To think that any creature in nature actually sounds like this at any given time when they’re not in pain or seriously angry at something is kind of creepy. But then you’ve got to remember that mountain lions are not some friendly little house cat that will purr at you or whine in their own distinct way if you do something they don’t agree with. They’re wild animals born and bred in nature that meant to be fierce and able to let other people know all about it.

The fact that this one, that thankfully is not on camera, is in heat is uniquely terrifying and makes me think that just being in the general vicinity where you can actually hear her is not a wise idea. Of course those that go out into the wild armed and looking for animals in such situations so as to document them and educate the rest of us seem to be a special kind of brave that simply defies reason. It’s a comforting though in some way that there are people like this since a lot of us would probably seize up or run, which would only make the situation worse. Mountain lions are not known for being afraid to chase down what they might perceive as fleeing prey.

The only reason they probably wouldn’t is if they were in the middle of mating or were simply curious enough to just watch someone run away. Most cats have that strange trait that almost forces them go pouncing upon anything they happen to see moving away from them at high speed. It’s something that house cats possess too, a mechanism that says to track, stalk, pounce, and possibly kill. Cats are odd creatures sometimes in that they will allow some prey to simply go without giving chase, while others they will bound after even if they’re not looking for a meal. And among the big cats, at least in their native regions, mountain lions are no joke.

When out in the wilds they’re actually an animal that it’s wise to avoid even if there are ways to scare them off. A rifle and a good aim is usually the best bet so long as they’re far away from you and don’t pose an immediate threat. Most of the time however it’s just a good idea to leave them alone. The only time it seems truly acceptable to go hunting for one is when they decide to be a nuisance and start moving in on human lands, disrupting farms and killing livestock.

For the most part however mountain lions keep to their own territory and don’t really bother humans, preferring to be among the wilds where they can hunt and spend their days in relative peace. But there doesn’t seem to be a lot of peace in the sound that’s being heard on the clip.

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