The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 1.09 “The Dinner Party From Hell” Review

What. The Hell. Just. Happened?!?!?!

Last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills gave us the most crazy dinner party since Teresa’s table toss from season one of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. While no tables were thrown this time around, psyches were scarred and psychics attacked. It was a bag of mixed nuts and no one left unscathed in some sort of fashion.

Let’s begin with the hostess: Camille Grammer. She knew what she was setting up as soon as the morsel of an idea for a dinner party sparked in her head. She had D.D. as her co-conspirator, but conjured up THE Allison DuBois, who the recently cancelled show Medium is based on, as her attack dog, not expecting what was to come. While prepping for the party, Camille told Taylor beforehand that Allison could be a bit much once she gets a lot of alcohol in her. So what does Camille do? She makes the most alcohol infused cocktail known to man and serves it to Allison on a silver platter; basically, pressing the “Detonate” button on a time bomb. Later when the stage was set, Camille decided to get the ball rolling by going after Kyle’s plus one, Faye Resnick, by calling her out on a Playboy job Faye had done awhile back. Then all hell broke loose.

While most of the women were bickering (Lisa and Adrienne kept their mouths shut during most of the argument), the clear standout in the fracas was Allison, who went total Linda Blair in “The Exorcist” on the women by spewing such hate and bile that people are still collecting their wits afterwards. It was as if Allison had channeled all of Camille’s anger and magnified it, or better yet, she was Camille’s anger personified, which could be just as lethal it seems. Then there is the whole deal with Allison’s e-cigarette, which trumps Cynthia’s friend contract from Sunday night’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta, hands down. That thing was too much and signified Allison’s eligibility to either draw a monthly check or be certifiably crazy. The experience was pretty traumatizing, but that’s just the half of the iceberg.

While Kyle, Camille, Faye, and Allison were throwing insults and screaming at each other, Kim mentioned Taylor’s name into the argument and then those two went at it again, making the situation even worse. Lisa was shooting daggers at Allison the entire time, while Adrienne was ready to leave from the time they sat at the table. It took Taylor to scream, “Enough!” to get the women out of their bickering trance and haul Kyle, Adrienne, Lisa, and Kim out of the Dinner From Hell. Even after the dinner, Allison kept up the craziness, with e-cig in tow for good measure.

So again, Camille set the entire thing up. Did she know the dinner would transpire the way it did? Maybe not, but it still doesn’t get her off the hook for setting up the ill-intent gathering in the first place. I just wish Kyle hadn’t taken the bait in Allison’s line of “don’t get me started,” because that was what really sent things into motion and unleashed the Hound of Hell, which will haunt a lot of people for days now. I’m still trying to connect the dots to who said what to set Allison off, but one thing is for sure: I will never be able to look at the show Medium the same way again. It was that traumatizing.

Other things that stuck out after the Dinner Party were the women sending Kim off in one limo while the rest of them went clubbing. This was plausibly explained on Watch What Happens Live! by Kyle, who cited geographical reasons for the seeming brush off of her older sister, albeit the entire thing still looked hella shady. Next, comes Camille’s claim of Allison being able to tell you things you don’t want to hear in public. Um, like your impending divorce, Camille? If Ms. Medium herself didn’t tell you that in advance then she’s not only a bad friend, but a seriously bad psychic as well.

Lastly, there’s the “apology” Camille gave Kyle during Watch What Happens Live! last night, which raised a plenty of eyebrows and sly glances on the set. It seemed genuine, but with these women you can never tell. Maybe Camille got riled up from all the karma tweets appearing on Twitter and wanted to clear all the bad energy around her. Who knows?

Stay tuned for a quotable edition of the dinner party this weekend.

What did you guys think? I’m dying to hear your take on the craziness that went down last night.

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