Reactions and Tributes to the Death of Sonya Eddy

credit: General Hospital

Death is one of the saddest inevitable things that each one of us would experience. Every minute, every second, someone leaves this world behind without even knowing their departure time. In the end, the bereaved would only be left to mourn the loss of their loved one. Death is a poetically wonderful paradox, as it feels sadder and sadder the more the person who was once alive was celebrated.

Unfortunately for us, Sonya Eddy, from General Hospital, will join the list of great people who left us this year. She died on December 19, 2022, at the age of 55.

credit: General Hospital

The announcement of the death

In an Instagram post by her friend Octavia Spencer, she wrote:

My friend @sonyaeddy passed away last night. The world lost another creative angel. Her legions of @generalhospitalabc fans will miss her 💔🕊️ My thoughts and prayers are with her loved ones, friends, and fans!

And in the said Instagram post, she included a picture of Sonya Eddy, in which she was seen wearing a pink shirt, and her hair was braided. After 20 hours of posting, the post received 58 thousand likes and a downpour of condolences from a lot of Instagram users.


credit: General Hospital

Tributes coming in

This is a developing story, and to protect the privacy of the family of the bereaved and the deceased person herself. There wasn’t a lot of information about her death released apart from the Instagram post. Though, this did not stop people from paying condolences online.

In a comment in the said Instagram post, the actress Beth Grant, who was known for her role as Gracie Leigh in Jericho (2006), wrote down, “So sorry, Octavia. Another angel in heaven.” followed by a praying hands emoji between two red heart emojis.

Yvette Nicole Brown, also known as Shirley Bennett on the NBC series Community, went to Twitter to bring the bad news and mourn the loss of a dear one. In her tweet, she wrote:

The official announcement makes it real. 😔

@TheRealSonyaEd was my friend & I am heart-broken [sic] by this news.

Nothing lately feels real. Nothing. What is going on?!

On Brown’s Twitter thread, Cara Joy David, a writer at Broadway World, expressed her sympathies by tweeting, “One of the true joys of this year of #GeneralHospital was seeing her onscreen representing middle-aged women going after their dreams. Nothing like it had been done in a soap I’ve watched—and she handled the character’s doubt and commitment so well. May her memory be a blessing.

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