Ranking Jodie Sweetin’s Top TV Roles Outside of Full House

Ranking Jodie Sweetin’s Top TV Roles Outside of Full House

By now a lot of people know Jodie Sweetin, and will always know her, due to her role as Stephanie on Full House and now on Fuller House. The main issue with that however is that is kind of limits her on where she can go and what she can do. When the show first wrapped up she was 13 years old and didn’t have anywhere else to go at the time. That mean that everything she’d known since the age of 5 was coming to a close and she had no way to cope. Unfortunately drugs and alcohol became a big part of her life and her career went down the tubes as a result. Lately though she’s been kind of on an upswing, though she has yet to really break out on her own.

She’s trying hard to get a start though.

5. Pants Off Dance Off

This has to be one of the oddest shows ever conceived largely because it’s a show about dancing and stripping at the same time and features many individuals that are just attempting to seek some way to get noticed. Jodie got to host the second season of this show and it doesn’t look like she was too enthused to be on it. But then again it was a job and was a way to get paid so hey, do what you can.

4. Jim Henson’s Mother Goose

Getting onto this show wouldn’t have been too hard since as a younger girl, and even now, she has that look that people still like and is able to be recognized by people that liked her on Full House. As much as people might have liked it however the show didn’t last too long and she was forced to try something else eventually. Jodie hasn’t had a good run of it in her past but she’s really trying to make a positive run at life right now.

3. Fuse Get Malled Tour

As dating shows go there are simply too many of them and the problem is that the less funding that some of them get the less chance they have of turning heads. It’s safe to say that she wasn’t a big commodity at this point and therefore it’s not hard to imagine that a lot of people even realized this was a show. The whole idea of dating shows is kind of an outmoded concept any longer since reality TV has really taken over.

2. Hollywood Darlings

There’s no denying that there was a kind of clique feeling to a lot of young stars that were featured in upcoming shows and popular sitcoms that were a big part of the 90’s. As much as they enjoyed the fame in their early years however it’s come back to haunt some of them at this point since they’re not really known for anything else since they either stayed away from the spotlight or just didn’t develop their act any further.

1. Dancing With The Stars 


As of now it’s hard to know whether Jodie is really mounting a comeback or if she’s just trying to get back into doing something she loved to do when she was younger. In any case it’s nice to see her back on screen.

It seems to be where she belongs.

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