Ranking Every Arrow Season Finale So Far

Arrow has been a reliable show for the last 6 years; it hasn’t been perfect, but at least we can count on the action to be good. The storylines of Arrow has taken us up, down, and all around through these years; and it’s also given us the good, the bad, and all the uglies we could ever think of. With 6 seasons now in its pocket, it’s time to analyze which of all the season finales we’ve seen from Arrow had been the best. Here we rank all 6 finales; see if you agree with what we think is the order so far.

6. Arrow Season 4 Finale — “Schism”

Damien Darhk and his magic had been a worthy adversary for Oliver and his team, and to see it all finally come to a close was somewhat of a relief. This finale was a world-headed-for-doom type and it was certainly good to watch, but we also knew at the same time that somehow Arrow and the team would pull through. So that kind of took away a bit of the surprise. Still it was good TV coupled with great acting, so we can’t complain. It certainly wasn’t our favorite finale to date.

5. Arrow Season 6 Finale – “Life Sentence”

Finally, the team was able to bring down Diaz. This was the best part of the finale, especially after all the drama that had been going on with the team this season. We hated this finale only because of the biggest loss we had to endure. That’s really all we could say about that; it’s much too painful.

4. Arrow Season 3 Finale — “My Name is Oliver Queen”

There were so many things going on in this finale and the League of Assassins was one of the best parts about it. We get all the personal back and forth that Oliver had to go through, but sometimes the action is all we need. We also got a glimpse of The Flash in action in this finale, so that was just a bonus. But to see the team in action against Ra’s al Ghul’s men was simply exhilarating. And of course, finally, Oliver has come to his senses and finally figures out his own identity. We also get other interesting players in this episode such as Merlyn, Nissa, and Palmer.

3. Arrow Season 5 Finale — “Lian Yu”

It’s only apt that the show would have one entire episode named after that wretched place where Oliver was marooned so many years ago. Lian Yu is so pivotal to the story of Arrow that to wait until season 5 to do something like it was almost a travesty. Thankfully, the episode was well worth the wait because this season 5 finale was surely one of the best ever. All the characters in the show had been in trouble in some way at one point or another, but to have so many lives hanging by a thread at one time was truly a nail biter. This was the time when we kept asking ourselves who survived and who died only to wait until the next season came before we found out.


2. Arrow Season 1 Finale — “Sacrifice”

There’s only one thing worth mentioning in this season finale and that’s Tommy’s death. We thought for sure that Tommy would somehow return for real later on, but we were so wrong. Who knew that his death would be so final in a world where people come back from the dead like it was so easy to do? But that’s exactly what happened to Tommy, and it had been a truly dramatic exit considering what Tommy and Ollie had been going through during the entire first season of the show. They truly were best friends forever, and Tommy’s sacrifice became the catalyst for the rest of the show.

1. Arrow Season 2 Finale – “Unthinkable”

The title alone still gives us the chills. Unthinkable was the kind of finale that really draws us all in and makes us all drop at the end. It was exactly that sort of showdown that we all expect to get in finales–no matter what show we were watching. Arrow season 2 had been a great show from start to finish, and the finale was a great way to close that chapter and introduce us to what might come in the next. There were so many shocks in that season, and the finale was able to keep up with it all. The Deathstroke/Slade storyline will continue to be one of the best that Arrow ever had, and this was when that story ended for Slade.

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