A Random Video Montage of People Breaking Through Glass in Movies

This actually reminds me to create an article called “the best glass scenes in movies.”  Glass can be a pretty fun and integral part of a film.   Perhaps no more was glass a “character” in a film than in the movie Die Hard.   One of the best premises of the movie itself is that Bruce Willis’s character is barefoot for virtually the entire movie.  But at one point in the film, Hans Gruber (the villain) instructs his guys to “shoot the glass” so that John Mcclane (Willis) has to run on top of shredded shards of glass that would bloody his feet and slow him down.

Needless to say it didn’t slow him down and it virtually did nothing but become an annoying scene where he had to take said glass out of his feet in a bathroom and discard them into the sink.   Actually that scene wasn’t bad at all. What the hell am I talking about.  Die Hard is the best action film ever.

Speaking of glass, back in 2012 a Youtuber decided to make a completely random montage of people breaking through glass in movies.  It’s got everything you could possible imagine from humorous breaks to action breaks, to people fleeing from a house in a horror movie breaks.  I can’t decide if this video is funny or not, but one thing it is, is entertaining.

Check out “Glass – A Movie Montage” below:

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