Raised by Wolves: “Happiness” Recap

One thing about this show is thankful at this time, and it’s that things have finally come to a point where things have ironed out and the way forward is pretty clear. The only downside of the finale to the second season of Raised by Wolves is that it left a lot of questions, which will likely have to wait until 2023 to be answered. But things have come to a point where the unexpected has become the norm and what people might have thought was going to happen has been turned into what they should have been waiting for. Trying to find someone to root for has been tough, especially since Lamia/Mother has been going off the rails since season one. But in season two it’s been seen that she finally started to become the character that some of us were hoping she would be, someone that makes a little more sense as she realizes that the serpent, number 7, has to die. The finale to Raised by Wolves is satisfying in some ways, but still leaves a lot of openings for season 3 that might keep fans talking for a while. 

This season has been something of a muddled rollercoaster ride as the difficulties between the Atheists and the Mithraic believers still exist and the desire for those who follow Sol to convert others to their cause continues to grow. The idea that Sue had, before she became a tree, that the ‘voices’ that were being thought to be Sol are actually a signal gained more merit in the finale as the events that occurred give more credence to the idea and make it possible to believe that whatever entity has been subtly influencing things from behind the scenes might be ready to emerge in season 3. Leading up to the realization of this fact are many instances that are seen throughout the finale such as the slightly creepy attitude that Grandmother develops after loaning her veil to Mother so that she can take on the serpent. The fact that Mother then one-shots the creature is kind of hard to fully understand, as it feels extremely anti-climactic, especially after the build-up leading to this fight. 

But there are more important matters to lay out after this fight obviously, since the serpent’s fall to the planet below, the damage done to the atmosphere by Mother’s attack, and what comes next are all precursors to something greater that’s still on its way. But seeing the serpent’s dead body gives rise to another tree, and the reveal by Grandmother that this had happened before, is digging deeper into the story than has been done thus far, and the storm of questions that continues to rise is bound to be set to drain the well of available answers dry at one point. Plus, the real purpose behind Grandmother’s existence is revealed to be far more insidious than the audience was allowed to initially believe. Instead of preserving the human race on the planet, she’s charged with devolving those under her care into the subhuman aquatic creatures that are capable of surviving in the planet’s acidic ocean. As if to give more proof of this, Campion is heard to say that his skin has toughened and that he’s growing more resistant to the seawater. A closeup does reveal that the skin on his hand is growing what appears to be a thick, calloused layer. 

On top of that, Tempest’s baby exhibited bodily changes after ingesting the milk of the sea creature that stole the child from her mother. One thing that this show is doing very well is to keep the plot rolling forward as it doesn’t leap forward so much as creep forward with smaller, intricate details that are meant to tease the senses and leave the big reveals hidden just enough until it’s time to unveil them. A few of these reveals do feel a bit anticlimactic, but they serve a purpose, which is to drive the story forward and give the audience a deeper look into the madness as it continues to unfold and drive things in a direction that is bound to keep people coming back for more. As things stand now, it’s fair to think that season 3 is going to be full of even more thrills that will keep people guessing.

There are likely bound to be plenty of theories that will be drawn from various social mores that people want to use to interpret the show as well since there are quite a few moments in the show that appear to be purposeful in their verbal and visual meaning. But one thing about this show is clear, it’s not shy about taking one boundary after another when it comes to science fiction or religion, and it’s leaning harder into both of them as things continue forward. Just trying to imagine how far things are going to get pushed is exciting enough to think that season 3 will be something to get hyped for. 

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