Rachel Bloom Schools Stephen Colbert On The Art of the Musical on The Late Show

Rachel Bloom Schools Stephen Colbert On The Art of the Musical on The Late Show

Rachel Bloom appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. For those unfamiliar with the critically acclaimed CW musical comedy, Bloom created and stars in the show as Rebecca Bunch, a successful New York lawyer who uproots her whole life to move to West Covina, California after a fateful meeting with an ex-boyfriend. As the show’s opening credits tell us each week in song, the situation is a lot more nuanced than that. It’s truly found its voice and stands out as one of the most enjoyable hours of television each week.

When Colbert starts to recap the premise of the show, Bloom jokes that “it’s too relatable.” She makes a good point though in noting that with social media at our fingertips, it makes us all stalkers nowadays. So no one’s moving across country to catch up with an ex from summer camp but you have to admit you use Facebook once in a while to check up on people from your past or present without ever having to say a word.

Delving deeper into the use of music on the show, Bloom went on to explain that songs help her character cope emotionally. Plus of course it certainly makes for an entertaining hour of TV to wonder what ridiculous social commentary will be made this week and in what style of music. Just this week, the latest song was about Rebecca’s “Heavy Boobs”.


Colbert can’t understand how musicals work with narrative storytelling since people don’t break into song in real life. Or do they? Watch as Colbert and Bloom perform an impromptu musical number right at the interview desk.

Bloom breaks it down with a “Music Man” rap style with stories from the set. In the vein of her self-conscious character on the show, she’s very self-deprecating about the 13 pounds she’s put on thanks to craft services despite her Golden Globe win this year. Bloom calls herself a “stupid fat witch” which Colbert lovingly assures her she’s not stupid at least. A true gentleman, that one!

There’s only two episodes left for the season but you can catch them on The CW when Crazy Ex-Girlfriend returns on Monday, April 11th. If you haven’t been watching or need to catch up on a few missed episodes, now’s the time to do so!

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