Stephen Colbert Rallies for More Female Villains in Movies on The Late Show

Stephen Colbert Rallies for More Female Villains in Movies on The Late Show

Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert has a new cause that he’s rallying for on The Late Show: more female villains in big-budget movies. So how and why did this topic come up? Well, as Colbert explained last night on The Late Show, many of Hollywood’s blockbusters nowadays, especially the films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, feature many men in them but not a lot of women.

“So many of the characters seem to have something in common,” Colbert joked. “Iron Man, Ant-Man, Spider-Man, Black Panther Man. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is kind of a sausage fest.”

What really spawned this discussion, though, was Iron Man 3 writer and director Shane Black’s comments from earlier this week, when he explained that the movie’s villain, Aldrich Killian, was originally supposed to be a woman. However, Black was forced to change the character after apparently being told by Marvel that the toy wouldn’t sell as well if the character was female.

“Come on, come on, it makes sense,” Colbert told the booing crowd. “Girls don’t play with dolls.”

Following this news, Colbert believes there needs to be a push towards having more female villains in these blockbuster films. In fact, he even believes that we can gender-swap some of our already existing villains, such as Doctor Doom of Fantastic Four fame.

“They better fix this in the next Fantastic Four movie, and there better not be another Fantastic Four movie,” Colbert joked.

Watch Stephen Colbert break down Hollywood’s ridiculous problem with female villains (particularly in comic book movies) in the video below:

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