Stephen Colbert Scolds Senate Over Gun Control Vote on The Late Show

Stephen Colbert

While Stephen Colbert always infuses some type of political commentary into most of the jokes he tells on The Late Show, he rarely get too serious, typically poking fun at Donald Trump’s orangeness or Hillary Clinton’s lack of appeal. However, last night was different for Colbert; after the Senate failed to pass a signal gun control law on Monday in the wake of the horrific mass shooting in Orlando (senators couldn’t even agree to ban people on the terrorist watchlist from purchasing assault rifles), the Late Show host decided that he had to take the gloves off.

Colbert spoke directly to the Senate, and while some of the comment he made were funny, you could tell that this was coming from a place of real anger and frustration for him. Like so many of us, he just wants to see something, anything, done to help prevent gun violence.

“I don’t understand you, senators,” Colbert said. “92 percent of Americans want to expand background checks for gun buyers, and you just ignore them. Since when does eight percent of the population get to have total control of an issue? That’s like taking your entire family on a cross-country car trip and letting Grandma choose all the music.”

Colbert followed that joke with even more damning remarks, saying that his dog accomplished more than the Senate did this week by rolling over and licking its nuts. He also compared the Senate’s relationship with the NRA to that of a customer’s with a prostitute and didn’t pull any punches about how too many senators are controlled by gun lobbyists.

“You might as well ask the gun lobby to check for a hernia as long as they got your balls in their hand,” Colbert said.

Watch Stephen Colbert’s epic takedown of the Senate in the video below:

[Photo via YouTube]

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