Queens Season 1 Episode 4 Recap: “Ain’t No Sunshine”

The rap battles, cyphers, and hardcore performances are all put to the side on Episode 4, “Ain’t No Sunshine”. This week the writers show that the series is much more than catchy tunes and girl drama by exploring the arc of grief now that Brianna’s (Professor Sex) husband has passed. It seems like just yesterday (more like three episodes ago) when we first met Brianna; a devoted wife and mother of four children who had begun to lose herself in her husband’s shadow after supporting his dreams for years. Her marriage took a turn for the worse when she caught Jeff cheating with one of his students on the first episode. And just like that Brianna snapped out of the gloomy place she was and reclaimed her voice when she reunited with the Nasty B****. After her husband’s betrayal, Brianna decided to choose herself this time and didn’t even let his cancer diagnosis stop her from reviving her career with the Nasty B****.  For the sake of her child, she stayed by his side during the surgery and begrudgingly nursed him back to health. Despite Jeff’s betrayal, in Episode 3, Jeff and Brianna reconnect during a spontaneous date to one of their favorite restaurants. Brianna realizes that maybe she can have it all and decides to give her marriage one more shot.

Death Is Never Easy

As we can all attest to, dealing with the loss of a loved one is never easy especially when you have conflicting feelings about the person you lost. Brianna went from a scorned woman to a widow rather quickly on this episode she’s having trouble processing these complicated feelings. Despite her frazzled mental state, Brianna still has to be in mommy mode. Perhaps one of the most heartbreaking scenes in this episode is when she breaks the news of Jeff’s death to her five children. Thankfully, Brianna has her girls who refuse to leave her side and help her with every step of the funeral planning process. Valeria oversteps her bounds by visiting Jeff’s former mistress who keeps calling his phone throughout the episode. Valeria lets the young girl know that Jeff is dead and tells her to move on with her life.


Meanwhile, guilt is eating Jill alive after she slept with the journalist that interviewed her for an LBGQT magazine.  Jill’s newfound freedom is too much to handle and the sassy journalist lets Jill know that she has to be out of her mind if she believes that her first lesbian relationship will be her last especially spending years “in the closet”. Jill genuinely loves Tina and she tries to ease her guilt by telling Tina that they should move in together. Yet she eventually realizes that maybe she isn’t as ready to settle down again as she thought.  Tina suspects that Jill cheated because of her strange behavior and she isn’t surprised when Jill finally comes clean.  Tina believes that her Jill is soulmates and that if things are meant to be hoping they’ll cross paths sometime in the future.

Who’s The Father?

Naomi is dealing with her own dilemma. When E-Roc realizes that he’s Naomi’s twenty-year-old daughter’s father he wants answers and he wants them now.  In Episode 2, the writers alluded to Camron also possibly being her daughter’s father as well. The paternity of Naomi’s daughters opens some old wounds. After all, at the time her daughter was conceived, E-Roc was messing with Valeria as well. He ended up getting them both pregnant. Valeria decided to get an abortion and Naomi kept hers. Naomi makes E-Roc promise to keep his mouth shut. After all the pain he put her through he owes her that. However, Naomi won’t be able to keep holding off on revealing the identity of her daughter’s father for long because now that her daughter is of age she wants answers of her own.


All hell breaks loose at Jeff’s funeral when his mistress shows up. Brianna jumps on the woman during the service and they end up tousling in the church. The fight is broken up and the ladies take Brianna to a private area of the church to calm down. When Brianna gets her emotions in check she gives Jeff’s mistress an opportunity to say her peace and they actually have a bonding moment that helps Brianna put together exactly what she wants to say during her speech. The women come together for their love of Jeff. When the mistress throws up on the casket during the closing scene, Brianna comes to the realization that there is a bigger issue. Jeff’s mistress is pregnant!

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