Prison Break: Resurrection Gets Its First Full Trailer and Behind the Scenes

Does anyone remember when FOX canceled Family Guy way way back?  Remember when it started to air on Comedy Central and Adult Swim like crazy?  Remember how it came back to FOX not long after they canceled?  This was a case of letting the audience do the talking.  People wanted the show and it came back.  Well, the same thing happened for Prison Break.  The show was a hit on FOX a while back.  It kind of fizzled and here we are nearly a decade later and a reboot is a month away on Netflix.

Why is it coming back? Because the audience has spoken.  It turns out one of the most watched shows on all of Netflix for the last year is none other than the original series Prison Break.   All of a sudden people started talking and the next thing you know they ended up shooting an entire season.   Now we get to go behind the scenes as well as see a full trailer for the new season.

The promo trailer features behind-the-scenes footage, as well as interviews with the cast and executive producers, including Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell and the show creator, Paul T. Scheuring. Check out the clip below:

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