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Caprica midseason premiere is tomorrow, Oct. 5th @10/9c on SyFy.

It’s been almost eight months since we last visited Caprica and witnessed the birth of the destruction of the human race. Lives hung in the balance, power plays were executed, and betrayals were revealed in the final moments of this past March’s midseason finale that had viewers wondering if we would even get a solution to said cliffhangers. SyFy had originally slated for the back nine episodes of Caprica to air next January, but possibly realized that a huge gap between episodes will stave off viewers from the already ratings challenged show. Thankfully, SyFy is giving us Caprica early and it is our duty to make sure you know where you left off and where we are headed.

What You Should Know

Corporate Takeover – Daniel Graystone (Caprica’s answer to Bill Gates) stole a meta-cognitive processor chip (MCP) from rival Tomas Vergis to install in his Cybernetic Lifeform Node (aka Cylon) machines, which his company, Graystone Industries, has a contract to produce for the military. Graystone asked the local mob syndicate, the Ha’la’tha, to do the job and when they did it, they left two of Vergis’s scientists dead. Vergis knows that Graystone had something to do with the theft and took action to slowly destroy everything Graystone has ever built/achieved, including his marriage.

At Wits End – Amanda Graystone spent most of the first part of the season grieving over her dead daughter Zoe and the fact that Zoe was involved with the Soldiers of the One (S.T.O.), a monotheist sect who believes in one true God. In light of the public blaming shunning the Graystones, Amanda drew into herself and began seeing visions of her dead brother around town, which revealed Amanda’s past stint in a psychiatric ward. After becoming friends with Sister Clarice Willow, Amanda found some resolve, but learning from Vergis that Daniel might’ve been involved in murder unravels that piece of solace. She then decides to end it all by jumping off of a Caprica City bridge. Did she survive?

Dissension Amongst the Sects – Sister Clarice Willow is having issues with the radical S.T.O. member Barnabas, who thinks blowing up sections of Caprica City is the way to get people to see the path of one true God. She has her own way of doing such a task and it involves the tech Zoe created where ‘souls’ can be transferred to a virtual after life, which has happened with Zoe and Joseph Adama’s daughter, Tamara. But Barnabas has issues with Clarice as well as he has one of Clarice’s students and Zoe’s best friend, Lacy, to plant a bomb on Clarice’s car. The bomb goes off, but it kills one of Clarice’s husbands, Nestor, instead.

Joseph’s Lament – After venturing into the V-World to find his dead daughter Tamera, Joseph finally finds her with the help of a mysterious V-World guide named Emmanelle. Tamera, unfortunately, sees how the V-World is killing her father and shoots him out of the game. See, if you die in the V-World, you can never return to the game. After his link is severed forever, Joseph wakes up distraught. His secretary, Evelyn, is there to console him, but the funny thing? Evelyn was actually Emmanuelle the entire time…

Danger, Zoe Graystone! – Zoe 2.0 begs for Lacy to help get her robotic body to Gemenon, but comes across several obstacles along the way, with one being her father realizing that Zoe’s avatar was still in U-87 droid. After dealing with that, Zoe 2.o uses her avatar to lure in one of Graystone’s scientists, Philomon, to help her get to Gemenon. When she reveals her true nature, Philomon panics and calls security, but is killed by Zoe 2.0/U-87, who then escapes Graystone Industries with a company van and ends her chase by crashing into a police barricade.

Now with all that set up, let’s see how the cast and crew of Caprica will knock down those stones they set up.


What To Look Out For

More Neighboring Worlds – We will finally get to see Gemenon in all it’s glory, but that doesn’t mean that will be a good thing. Expect a lot of bloodshed here.

What is ‘Apotheosis’? – We will finally learn what exactly Sister Clarice Willow is trying to achieve in her plan for S.T.O. Let’s just say that its as crazy as we thought it would be… We also will finally meet the person behind her secret conferences that she turns to in her time of need.

Graystone Takes The Offensive – Daniel Graystone will be down, but not out. After making a soul selling deal with some shady characters, Daniel slowly but surely plots his way back to the top.

Zoe 2.0 vs. Tamera 2.0 – The two Dead Walkers will meet in the second half of the season again, but will they team up or go at each other’s throats?

After seeing the premiere, it’s safe to say that Caprica is back in full force and will bring the walls down by seasons end.

Caprica midseason premiere is tomorrow, Oct. 5th @10/9c on SyFy.

Check Out SyFy’s Season Catch Up Here. Plus check out our review for the mid season finale here

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