Previewing the 2018 Movie Season in One Giant Trailer Mashup

The 2018 movie season is going to be amazing and this one trailer mashup proves it. From remakes to originals to films that people have been waiting for this year is shaping up to be an absolute riot at the movie theaters as people flood in to see things that they either haven’t seen before or have been waiting to see since they were children. A Wrinkle In Time is just one great example of what we can expect to see eventually, while remakes like Death Wish are going to be something that keep the interested in their seats with their fingers firmly curled around the arm rests and ready to go white knuckles as the movies pour on the action.

Rampage and Ready Player One should be something special since they both deal with concepts from the 80’s that people used to find wildly popular. Ever notice that we seem to be taking a big-time 80’s motif and recycling it into something that people can enjoy these days? It seems to be everywhere anymore, and to be quite honest some of it freaks me out just a little bit since it’s almost like people want to go back to the decade if only for a short while and visit. Visiting is okay, it’s the act of actually going back to it that would be disturbing.

Then you’ve got the original to semi-original stories coming out such as Annihilation, Ocean’s 8, Avengers: Infinity War, Black Panther, and even Red Sparrow. There’s even another Deadpool movie coming out and a Pacific Rim 2, though despite the explanation that’s rooted so far in scifi lore I don’t know how that one’s going to go. For one it won’t have Charlie Hunnam, it can’t have Idris Elba, and the cast, while hot at the moment, is not bound to raise this one from the depths I’m thinking. I could be wrong and it could be well-received, so we’ll see.

Deadpool 2 however should be something that fans flock to since it will be introducing Domino and Cable, two very influential characters in Deadpool’s life and among the many that could take the movie in a very interesting direction. Avengers: Infinity War will be the first of two movies that will cover the entirety of the battle and will introduce the mad titan, Thanos, finally in his fully glory as he steps onto the battlefield for the first time and is primed no doubt to lay a very serious beating on the earth’s mightiest heroes. If anyone reading this has ever read the comic they’ll know that he managed to take out every last one of the Avengers without hardly breaking a sweat thanks to the Infinity Gauntlet. He even took out Galactus for crying out loud.

Ocean’s 8 will be showcasing Daniel Ocean’s sister, another thief who knows how to work the angles, gather a crew, and make a seriously concentrated effort to steal something incredibly valuable. But unlike Danny she won’t be going after cash or a Faberge egg.

2018 is gearing up to be a wild year in regards to the movies.

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