Power Book II: Ghost Season 2, Episode 4 Recap

Power Book II: Ghost Season 2, Episode 4 Recap

Previously on Power Book II: Ghost Season 2, Episode 3 we realized just how much of a brilliant idiot Brayden was when he created a genius system for moving product that made him and Tariq invisible. Yet he fell into Cane’s devious plans to control Tariq through him easily. On Power Book II: Ghost Season 2, Episode 4 the only person that seems to have a lucky streak is Davis. Between Tariq and Monet, Davis is literally taking in millions of dollars. Monet is dedicated to protecting Zeke’s brand and at the end of Episode 4 we find out exactly why. If you missed Sunday’s episode, check here’s a quick recap. In the first scene, Carrie is waiting in a secluded area for Zeke to show up or at least she thinks she’s there to meet up with him. She hops in her car and Monet breaks in the back door and holds a gun to her head. Monet makes it very clear that Carrie needs to stay far away from her Zeke and find out who killed Professor Reynolds so that they can get him out of the hot seat.

I Sense A Cover Up

Everyone is working around the clock to clear Zeke’s name and make sure he stays out of jail. Tariq visits Saxe and Davis for help in getting the cops off Zeke’s back. Tariq gives them intel about an NYPD officer’s gun being found at the crime scene. Saxe wants to know how Tariq knows this information since that detail hadn’t been leaked to the public. Saxe wants to know why Tariq is so invested in helping Zeke, but Davis reminds him that they are defense attorneys and that there are certain questions they shouldn’t ask. Tariq does tell them that he has to help Zeke if he wants to stay in school.

It Needs To Go Away

The university held a private meeting with Detective Whitman, Carrie, Rashid Tate, and Howard Stern to discuss the investigation. They want to know why Detective Whitman is harassing their star basketball player. All of this negative attention doesn’t look good for the school. Carrie reminds Whitman that he has no evidence but Whitman tells them that Zeke has a motive. Stern firmly demands that if the detective doesn’t find anything he needs to take his investigation elsewhere. Detective Whitman tells Stern that he doesn’t take orders from him. Obviously, he doesn’t what Stern is capable of. Stern promises to go right over Whitman’s head straight to the police commissioner with who he has a relationship if Whitman doesn’t back off. The school has agreed to do a narcotic sweep to find out if there is someone selling drugs in the school. After the tense meeting, Tate confronts Carrie to let her know he knows her secrets when it comes to the case. Carrie turns it around and does a bit of reverse psychology on the shady politician. She tells Tate that if he helps clear Zeke’s name this would be great publicity for his political career.

Million Dollar Defense

Monet changed her tune real quick when it came to getting Davis’s help. She meets with him at the bar to officially hire him as Zeke’s lawyer.  Davis tells her that his fee is a million dollars in exchange he’ll handle every aspect of the case, including help cleaning up his reputation in the press. Monet sees that Davis is a great lawyer, so she begrudgingly agrees to pay his ridiculous fee.  Monet goes to the safe to give him half of the payment but when she opens it all the money is gone. Davis gives her three days to come up with the money. Monet confronts the contractor she hired to do work at the bar about the money missing in the safe. He claims that he would never steal from her, but Money doesn’t believe him so she puts a bullet in his head.


Kamaal Tate’s brother is assigned to help Detective Whitman on Jabari Reynolds case. The first thing he does is help with the narcotic seep at the school. They pull Lauren in for questioning and manipulate her into wearing a wire discreetly placed in a Rolex when she’s around her friends. Monet has a conjugal visit with Lorenzo and she asks him if she can refinance the house to pay for Zeke’s attorney fees. Lorenzo tells her no but offers the money in the safe at the bar instead. Lorenzo makes it clear that if it was one of their kids he would say yes, but this time around they have to put their family first. Monet is beyond disappointed at his words.


After Dru beats up a reporter that came to the house asking Zeke questions Davis tells Monet that the reporter is willing to drop the charges if Zeke does an interview. Tariq, Monet and Davis do their best to prepare Zeke for this big interview but it goes downhill when the interviewer veers from the list of questions she was supposed to ask inquires about Zeke’s relationship with Detective Ramirez. Zeke goes on the record and denies knowing Ramirez. The interviewer brings up inside intel about Ramirez’s gun being found at the murder scene and the  PBA card found in his wallet. Zeke tells her that Ramirez was a fan that he met at one of his games. The interviewer reveals that the police checked Ramirez’s GPS and found that he was never in the vicinity of the university. Zeke storms off the set. This looks really bad for Zeke. Monet confronts Cane about Ramirez’s gun being at the murder scene and he finally tells the truth about him and Tariq’s involvement. Monet tells him to dig up Ramirez’s body and that if it leads back to him, he is just going to have to face the repercussions for his actions.  After talking to Mecca, Cane decides to set Tariq up for Ramirez’s murder by planting his badge in his dorm room.

Bastard Child

Monet pops up on Dante (Mecca) to let him know that she knows that he paid the million dollars to secure Davis as Zeke’s lawyer. Dante says that it’s the least he could do for his son. Yes, Zeke is Monet and Dante’s son. She never told Dante about him, but he was able to figure it out.

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