10 Things You Didn’t Know about Poonam Pandey

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Poonam Pandey

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Poonam Pandey

She’s a model and an actress, and she’s been at it since 2013. Poonam Pandey is one of the most successful Indian film stars in the world, and she’s not showing any signs of stopping. She’s young, beautiful, and has a unique talent her fans love, and her fan base only grows by the minute. She’s always got something going on that fans look forward to, but how much do you know about her? She’s led a very exciting life thus far, and it’s something not too many people pay attention to outside of whatever work she’s currently doing. Let’s get to know her better.

1. She’s Young

Pandey is quite young. She was born on March 11, 1991, which means she is only 29. She will celebrate her 30th birthday in 2021, so she’s not too far out from that. However, she’s quite young to have done all that she’s done, and she’s not really in the market to slow down.

2. She’s Popular via Social Media

She was part of a model contest called the Gladrags Manhunt and Megamodel Contest at one point. She was one of the top 9 contestants in the contest, and it helped her launch her modeling career. However, it’s her work via social media that really gave her a huge fan base. It’s her semi-nude posts that people love, and they allow her to gain a huge following.

3. She’s Controversial

She has no problem taking it all off and doing what she needs to do for attention and exposure, and she never stops. She once promised that she’d strip nude for an Indian Cricket Team if they won the World Cup in 2011. She was unable to do so because the general public did not allow it, but she did film a vide of herself getting naked in the empty stadium that night.

4. She’s Got an App for That

Where did she post that video? On her personal app. She had it in the Google store, but it was removed. She now offers it on her own personal website to fans who want to see her very explicit content. She gets naked and posts vides of herself while naked.

5. She’s Not Afraid of Showing it Off

At one point, she even took a vide of herself having sex with her boyfriend. That video was uploaded to Instagram, but it was removed. She deleted the video herself, but no one knows why. There’s any number of reasons for her to take down the video, including the fact that her boyfriend may have asked her to remove it.

6. She’s Newly Married

She got married to her longtime boyfriend on the first day of September 2020. She followed pandemic guidelines and wed in her own personal home with a few friends and close family, and she kept the entire thing very private. People were happy she was setting such a good example when the news of her wedding broke and it wasn’t a big party somewhere.

7. Married Life is Not Treating Her Well

Unfortunately, despite the fact that she’s only been married for approximately 9 weeks, she’s already having a hard time as a wife. She filed a complaint only 10 days after her wedding that her new husband, Sam Bombay, molested her, assaulted her, and threatened her. He was arrested on September 23. That’s not exactly what the first three weeks of marriage looks like on a normal basis.

8. She Was Arrested in 2020

To make matters worse in her life, she was also arrested in 2020. Her arrest came on November 5, 2020. She was in Goa, in a small village, and she was caught filming a nude video. News reports claim that she was trespassing on government property to film, and that’s why she was arrested.

9. She’s With Her Husband

Not long after she was arrested for her nude video, she posted a photo online of herself with her husband. The two looked very happy, very close, and a lot like they didn’t just have a marital spat in which she accused him of molesting and assaulting her and had him arrested for it.

10. She Loves Her Husband

After she had him arrested and filed complaints against him for domestic abuse and molestation, she decided to give him another chance. She said that they love one another too much, that they are working things out, and that they’ve moved past this incident. She also mentioned something along the lines of “what marriage doesn’t have its ups and downs,” and most of us are just going to give them this one and call it a do what makes you happy situation.

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