Pokémon Go is Asking Players to Pick Up Trash for Earth Day

Pokémon Go is Asking Players to Pick Up Trash for Earth Day

Pokémon Go has proven that it’s more than just a game. The platform has been used for many different purposes since it first came out in 2016. Some people have used it as a way to exercise; others have used Pokémon Go as a socialization tool. Many families have used the game to help kids explore and study geography, while others have used the game as a way to just relax and discover new Pokémon. This year, Pokémon Go is adding to its list of uses and is asking players to participate in a global effort to keep the Earth clean on Earth Day.

Earth Day this year lands on April 22, and the creators of Pokémon Go at Niantic are calling on to all players to help pick up trash everywhere while playing the game. Niantic is working with quite a bit of local nonprofit organizations to make this happen. Imagine everyone on the game cleaning and picking up trash throughout natural areas globally. It’s an amazing thought and a valiant effort that can only be successful if people actually participate in it. As a matter of fact, if enough people put in the efforts towards collecting garbage, Pokémon Go will be willing to reward players for their efforts.

Currently, Niantic has been able to organize a total of 37 clean up events all over the world. These events are scheduled to happen on Earth Day, and Niantic is hoping that they can host the most coordinated clean up events within a 48-hour period. Right now, eight of those events are scheduled in the United States; 23 events are scheduled to happen throughout Europe. There are five clean up events scheduled throughout Asia, and one event is set to occur off the coast of Africa. It may not sound like much, but it’s definitely a good start. From now until then, Niantic is hoping to add more countries to that list, and they are suggesting for players to call on other non-governmental and local environmental organizations to participate in the efforts.

Of course as we mentioned before, you wouldn’t be left with just good feelings after participating in a clean up event. The rewards that you will get will depend solely on the amount of people that participate. If 1,500 players participate in any of the events worldwide, they will be able to unlock twice the Stardust when catching Grass, Ground, and Water type Pokémon. If the number of players that participate reach up to 3,000, players will be able to unlock three times the amount of Stardust when catching Pokémon.

There’s nothing more inspiring than to see so many people scattered throughout the world putting in the same work towards one goal, and there’s no better goal than to try to keep the Earth clean. It’s a simple effort that can certainly have a huge impact. If you are moved to participate in the Pokémon Go clean up efforts, you should find out if there’s an existing event close to you. If there weren’t any, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to go ahead and organize one for all the other Pokémon Go players in your area.

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