Please, Don’t Reboot Tremors

Please, Don’t Reboot Tremors

Please, Don’t Reboot Tremors

This is a cry that will likely fall on deaf ears, but rebooting Tremors sounds like an idea that some people will agree with and some will find less than useful. It’s been noted in the fairly recent past that Kevin Bacon would like to revisit Perfection to take on the Graboids once again, which is kind of funny considering that at one time he thought that this movie would derail his career. Tremors didn’t do as great as it could have in the theaters, but the fact that it became a cult classic is impressive since a lot of people know about the movie now and have been following it since the first one. But if anyone is going to be honest, the cult classic status kind of ends with the first movie and tapers off into the second movie when Fred Ward made another appearance in the budding franchise. Without Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward and their on-screen chemistry though the movies kind of faded off and became something that kept a fanbase simply because the Graboids were still interesting enough, and yeah, so was Burt Gummer. 

But the first movie of this franchise was and still is the best no matter what anyone says given that it started things off and introduced something that people hadn’t seen before, at least not in this form. Things coming up from under the ground isn’t a completely original idea, but creatures that are essentially giant worms with multiple tongues and hunt according to seismic vibrations are kind of interesting since it brings to life a type of threat that humans aren’t really equipped to deal with. Well, they’re not equipped unless they have devices and ammunition that can blow a Graboid apart, and as it’s been seen in the movies, evolution is kind of a pain in the neck when it comes to these creatures since kind of like a Kaiju from Pacific Rim, they evolve in ways that allow them to gain one advantage after another. It’s almost like being giant worms that grab people from below wasn’t enough, right?

But unless someone with the kind of vision and ambition that’s needed to top the original is going to come along and do something insane but still close to the original, it’s not bound to be a good idea since the key thought is that without Val and Earl, and Burt, it won’t be enough. In all fairness, someone could come up with a way to fix any huge plot holes, but there’s a reason why the original movie was so great, and that’s because people gave a damn about the characters as well as the story. It’s not about sentimentality as much as it’s about the fact that everything came together in the first movie in a way that made people care about what was happening. There were a couple of characters that weren’t exactly popular and that people actually found expendable, especially since their deaths drove the plot forward. But the original movie was great since it was a different look at a subterranean monster that no one saw coming, and that had a definitive edge against its prey. 

Continuing the story by heading back to Perfection to see if Val and Earl could be brought back would be interesting, but getting Fred Ward back feels like it would be a tall order, and trying to get anyone else back, meaning the last few survivors of the original movie and those that came after, feels like it would be tough as well. Tremors wasn’t exactly lightning in a bottle. It was more like a delayed firecracker that was left alone for a little bit and then suddenly blew up, as the fans came to enjoy the movie a lot more once it had come to home video, and have been following the idea since it continued from the second to however many might be made until it’s tapped out. The fact that the Graboids have changed in a few ways has kept people on their toes, but the original is still the best since kind of like a few other franchises, it doesn’t matter if the effects are considered simple now, the fact that everything came together so wonderfully was amazing. 

So no, a reboot of Tremors does not sound like a good idea, but if those in charge are going to will it to happen, then it probably will, and there’s not a lot that can be done about it. But getting a few of the original actors back would be a good idea if whoever is making the movie is willing, and if they want to get the attention of the fans. The top three would be Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward, Michael Gross, and whoever else would agree to make their way back. A continuation would be better, but that’s a matter of opinion. 

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