Breaking Down the First “Pacific Rim: Uprising” Trailer

Breaking Down the First “Pacific Rim: Uprising” Trailer

Breaking Down the First “Pacific Rim: Uprising” Trailer

Thinking everything was okay again when Pacific Rim ended was obviously premature since the new film is coming out eventually. It will be bringing back the Jaegers and the Kaiju will be back as well. The rift being closed obviously didn’t do anything, but that’s kind of expected since the creatures that opened it in the first place seem more than capable of opening another rift if they so desired. Plus, even if Gypsy Danger’s explosion wiped out a single cell of them there’s nothing to say that the target wasn’t just one in an entire legion of factories that could churn out entire armies of Kaiju one after another.

The human race isn’t safe just yet. Here are a few things we can glean from the Pacific Rim: Uprising trailer so far.

5. The war is not over.

As I mentioned above, closing the rift was obviously not enough. Something else needs to be done as the Kaiju begin coming forth again, wiping cities off the map and killing untold numbers of humans as their creators send them forth again. It’s almost as though they took the last attack on their dimension personally or something. Well, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth and all that.

4. The Kaiju have adapted.

They are stronger, faster, and more well-equipped to deal with the Jaeger’s. In the first movie they were little more than flesh and blood killing machines that could tear through solid steel with their claws and teeth, but were cunning and not overly intelligent. They were essentially programmed to adapt on the fly and deal with the Jaeger’s as needed. These ones will be targeting the Jaeger’s directly and seeking to take them out it looks like.

3. There will be some familiar faces in the lineup.

The scientists from the first film will be coming back, as will a couple of others that were prominent in the first film but weren’t given as much attention. The scientific pair that dared to drift with a Kaiju brain will be making their way back to bumble and fumble around again, but it could be a good thing since they’ve gained such insight into the Kaiju world.

2. Charlie Hunnam won’t be the lead.

It’s reported that Hunnam won’t even be there. His character might be killed off or retired it would seem but that won’t stop John Boyega and Scott Eastwood from answering the call. They’re already seen prominently in the movie and will be leading the charge it looks like. Boyega will actually be playing the son of the Stacker Pentecost, the leader that perished in the first film.

1. There will be a gargantuan Kaiju that makes the Jaeger’s look like tin soldiers. 

If you thought the Kaiju in the first film were big, this thing makes them look like guppies. The Jaeger’s are going to have their mechanical hands full on this one and there’s no telling what might have to happen to finally seal the rift and insure that the huge monstrosity can’t do any more damage.

Pacific Rim: Uprising looks like it might be worth a look.

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