15 Tyler Durden Quotes That Should Wake You Up

Tyler Durden will always go down as one of the “coolest” characters in any movie ever.   Brad Pitt’s portrayal of Edward Norton’s alter ego in the movie Fight Club was superb and after that movie filmed, tons of guys out there wanted to be just like Durden.  He had a confidence about him as well as an “I don’t care” attitude that drew his legion of followers.  The reality is that a Tyler Durden in actual society is a little too extreme as evidenced by the crime he instigated and dangerous actions he convinced Ed Norton’s character to undertake.

But if there was one thing that Tyler Durden was not short on, it was knowledge.  He was very perceptive with regards to society, life, and the very world we live in.  Durden was constantly spitting out his own philosophies and that gave Fight Club an abundance of quotes that we can take anywhere we’d like to go. Today I’d like to provide you with 15 solid Tyler Durden quotes that should in essence “wake you up.”  Have a look at these and then try and make your day 100 times better.

You can do this.

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