A Crazy Story about Quentin Tarantino’s “Death Proof” You were Unaware Of

A Crazy Story about Quentin Tarantino’s “Death Proof” You were Unaware Of

So to redirect this story about Quentin Tarantino’s movie Death Proof, the story is really more about Tarantino than anything. If you’ve ever watched one of his films then you know that he gets bloody, he gets punchy, and he gets racist all in a big dang hurry. There’s no shortage of language, violence, and the kind of scenarios you would only hope would never happen in real life. But if you really want to know that the crazy story is behind Death Proof, it’s that Stuntman Mike’s life was kind of modeled around Quentin’s. It’s been documented that Tarantino does have a foot fetish, and in this movie he does manage to do close ups on women’s feet quite a bit so that you get the point. But it gets better, oh yes.

You might have heard about the little incident that happened on the set of Kill Bill Vol. 2 when Uma Thurman was in a car accident going down a dirt road at an accelerated pace in a car that was basically a death trap. Yeah, there’s a little bit of Death Proof in there if you really look. But Thurman wound up wrecking the car, banging up her neck and knees, and ultimately blaming Tarantino for it. This is reasonable really since Quentin was the one that convinced her to do the stunt, though her stuntwoman, Zoe Belle, the same woman that goes car surfing in Death Proof, was almost always around. It would have been dangerous for either woman really but Thurman blamed Quentin for a long time after this. Of course they made up and are supposedly on good terms now, but when you figure out just what else Quentin has done in his films then you might think twice about breathing a sigh of relief.

It’s not really known if Quentin has a literal disdain for women or if he’s buried such a thing way down to the point that he doesn’t realize it’s there. But the reason for this belief is that during Kill Bill volumes 1 and 2, he was the one that was really doing the most damage to Thurman since during the fight with Gogo he was the one tightening the chain around her neck off screen. In volume 2 he was the one that spit the tobacco juice across Thurman’s face since he didn’t think Madsen could do it right. In other words Tarantino is kind of a control freak that doesn’t know how to let his actors really just get into the swing of it, and he seems to really have an unresolved hate on for women, since in Inglorious Basterds he convinced Diane Kruger to let him choke her for her death scene. This guy seems to have some seriously deep-seated issues that might need to be addressed someday if they’re not being taken care of already.

But the reason this ties back to Death Proof is that, much like Stuntman Mike, Tarantino is now feeling the pain as the female stars he’s been routinely abusing in his movies are finally speaking up and verbally kicking the living tar out of him. Well, they’re trying to at least.

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