Five Cool Scenes in Movies That Take Place at the Aquarium

Five Cool Scenes in Movies That Take Place at the Aquarium

Five Cool Scenes in Movies That Take Place at the Aquarium

Since we can’t all be like Jacques Cousteau and travel the wide ocean finding the most beautiful and exotic specimens throughout the wilds beneath the waves we can do the next best thing, which is going to the local aquarium. It seems like the further inland a person goes the more of a treat such a thing really is since let’s face it, the ocean is kind of the province of those that live the closest to it.  An aquarium however is something that everyone can enjoy and is typically a place where the natural habitat of those creatures that are on display has been recreated in a painstaking and realistic fashion. And then there are some aquariums that are actually built around a natural habitat in an effort to keep things as realistic as possible.

In the movies aquariums can be places filled with excitement or danger, or both.

5. Finding Nemo

So technically this is a movie IN an aquarium, but considering the cute nature of the film I thought it should count. Finding Nemo is all about a little clownfish that’s been uprooted from his home and taken away from everything he knows. The trick however is that since he’s now forced to fend for himself, with at least a little help, he learns how to be self-reliant and how to tell his father that he’ll be okay.

4. Jaws 3

So I think a lot of people would agree that Jaws should have ended with the first film and never gone any further. Anything after the first movie tended to just ruin the original again and again. In this movie the shark is actually bent on revenge it seems and since people know a great deal more about sharks today than ever before most folks would agree that unless sharks started thinking in the same manner as humans do this would be impossible.

3. Deep Blue Sea

Despite being different types of sharks these big nasties are what you might call the bigger, meaner siblings of Jaws. Two of them are just as big if not bigger, while the biggest would be able to tear Jaws in half. Worse than that however is that by some miracle of modern science the sharks’ brains have been increased in size, and as a side effect they’ve become smarter. Improbable as it seems this would be a serious boot down the food chain by a few rungs.

2. X-Men First Class

Banshee was a decent character in the X-Men comic books but he wasn’t always seen as a very powerful member. As a kid he seems even less inclined to be much of anything other than a nuisance, but he does have his uses. As a leader Sean Cassidy was a little more astute, but overall his inclusion into the X-Men was something that a lot of people have forgotten over the years.

1. Jurassic World

Just a thought, but the idea of having a dinosaur longer than a city bus and no doubt far more powerful than a speeding semi being viewed by screaming, cheering tourists seems like a bad idea. It could be that the creature just ate, but wouldn’t you think that putting what amounts to live prey within what seems like easy reach would be a bad idea?

Aquariums in movies are usually very impressive, but sometimes a little ill-conceived.

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