10 Things You Didn’t Know about Peggy Zabakolas

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Peggy Zabakolas

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Peggy Zabakolas

Peggy Zabakolas probably never planned on becoming a reality TV star, but that’s exactly what she is about to be thanks to the new Netflix series, Million Dollar Beach House. Like the platform’s other series, Selling Sunset, Million Dollar Beach House  follows a group of talented real estate professionals as they try to sell luxury properties. However, instead of taking place in California like Selling Sunset, Million Dollar Beach House is set in the Hamptons. As the only woman on the show, Peggy is already becoming popular among viewers and it doesn’t take long to see why. Keep reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Peggy Zabakolas.

1. She’s Appeared on Million Dollar Listing New York

If you’re a fan of real estate shows, you may have caught a glimpse of Peggy before; that’s because she made a few small appearances on Million Dollar Listing New York. She was a member of Ryan Serhant’s original team and worked with him for about five years.

2. She Would Be Open To Filming Another Season Of The Show

There’s no word yet on whether or not Million Dollar Beach House will be brought back for another season, but if it is Peggy definitely wants to be involved. She told The Oprah Magazine, “I would a hundred percent be interested in doing the show again. I’m typically a loner and in that sense, when I work, I go to the office just to work. I don’t go to the office to hang out and make friends. And I think this show is also an eye-opener that maybe I should just relax a little bit and not be such a square where when I’m in my work environment.”

3. She’s An Attorney

Even though she’s best-known for her work in the real estate field, Peggy is also an attorney. Real estate just happens to be her speciality. She is a member of the New York State Bar and “has an expertise in transactional law, property, contracts and zoning provisions.”

4. She’s Traveled The World

Peggy is the kind of person who has always been fascinated by the opportunity to explore the world. During her time in law school, she studied abroad in London and Paris. Additionally, she has done lots of other traveling over the years and has gone to places like Jamaica and Cuba.

5. She Loves Horses

Peggy describes herself as a tomboy and she’s never been one for the more frilly side of life. Instead, she is very adventurous, respects and admires animals, and enjoys spending time outdoors. She particularly loves horses and loves to riding whenever she gets the chance.

6. She Often Felt Left Out At Work

Not only was Peggy the only woman in the office, she was also the new kid on the block. During an interview with Esquire she said, “I think it’s hard breaking into any group, especially if you’re a woman. It’s just a little bit more difficult. I felt left out a lot, but we all went there to work. I especially went there to work last summer, it was pretty much my first summer out in the Hamptons full time, so that was my main focus.”

7. She’s Bilingual

Peggy was born in the United States, but she comes from a Greek family. She is very closely connected to her culture and is fluent in Greek. Being bilingual is always helpful, but it probably comes in even more handy when you work in an international industry like real estate.

8. She’s A New York Native

Peggy may do lots of traveling, but she knows there’s no place like home. She is a native New Yorker who was was born in Queens and raised on Long Island. As someone whose from New York, Peggy also has a deep understanding of the importance of The Hamptons.

9. She Loves To Stay Active

Despite spending a lot of time at work, Peggy still manages to find time for other things. One of her favorite things to do when she has some time off is to exercise. Even though working out can feel like an awful chore, it’s a great way to release stress and get reenergized.

10. She Has A Boyfriend

Now that she’s a big reality TV star, there are probably lots of people who are waiting for the right moment to slide in Peggy’s DMs. Well instead of sliding, you might want to pump your brakes. Peggy appears to be in a happy relationship with a man named Russel. Unfortunately, his Instagram account is private so we can’t do too much digging.

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