10 Things You Didn’t Know about Paige Butcher

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Paige Butcher

They say that everyone you meet has some baggage, so you should find someone willing to help you unpack. That said, Eddie Murphy has had bad luck with women, but in Paige Butcher, he seems to have found his soulmate. The two have been dating since 2012 and got engaged when she was pregnant with Max. That was over a year ago, and the wedding date is yet to be set, so as we await the exchanging of vows, here is everything you need to know about the bride-to-be.

1. She loves her stepchildren as her own

Maybe it is the tales of Cinderella that made us grow up thinking that stepmothers are to be dreaded since we all expect a stepmother to be cold towards her stepchildren. Fortunately, that belief has been proven false by Paige, who is a loving mother to Murphy’s children. Since they are grown up, they have more of a friendship than a parent-child relationship.

2. Why she deleted her social media accounts

Nowadays, anyone who is not on social media is believed to be not in touch with the world. Even Jennifer Aniston tried keeping off but broke the record upon joining Instagram since, in only five hours and sixteen minutes, she had amassed a million followers. Still, Paige does not think it is necessary to be on any social media platform. She was on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but when she started dating Murphy, she believed that his celebrity status would have enough publicity. The model added that she did not want to give people that much access to her private life because they would use anything against her. Besides, she thought she was boring because she only posted her charity work, which brings us to something else you might not have known about Paige.

3. She loves charity work

When she talked to Vanity Fair about seven years ago, Paige disclosed that she had been a nurturer hence was involved with a few nonprofit organizations. Some of them include KEEN (Kids Enjoy Exercise Now), a sports program for children with physical and mental disabilities, and Baby to Baby, which provides mothers living below the poverty line with necessities such as diapers. While in Los Angeles, she volunteers in homeless shelters.

4. Why she loves the Nutribullet

Paige has the money to afford to eat anything she wants, and since she is neither vegan nor vegetarian, then she does not worry about being strict about her diet. While that means that she gets to have loads of foods to choose from, still, the model cannot stay away from cheat meals. Paige, therefore, found a way to ensure that she consumes all her vegetables without necessarily putting them on a plate. The Nutribullet blends up whatever vegetables she wants, and after drinking it, she feels she has compensated for her cheat meals.

5. Her exercise routine

Looking at Paige, you might think that she is addicted to the gym and maybe wakes up early in the morning for a run, but that is not the case. She said she was blessed with a naturally thin body, but that does not mean she lies around waiting for the calories to burn themselves away; the Australian beauty does lunges as she continues with her everyday chores. If you are wondering how she managed to have that flat stomach a few months after giving birth, Paige’s secret is flexing her stomach muscles throughout the day, even when sitting.

6. She started modeling at the age of 7

Paige’s mother was a fashion designer while her father was a model, so naturally, she wanted to be on the runway. Therefore at the age of seven, she began modeling her mother’s clothes, which had everyone commenting on how good she was. At the time, Paige did not take it seriously, but once she was 13, she thought about venturing into the industry. When Paige was 14, she won Australia’s Cover Girl Cosmetics Supermodel Search, according to All That Jazz.

7. She does not want to pursue acting

When Paige was young, she saw modeling as a means to an end; her main focus was on becoming an actress. Consequently, after moving to New York to continue with her modeling career, Paige thought that her dream of an actor would eventually be fulfilled. She got her debut in 2003 through “Something’s Gotta Give” and later on another minor role in “Big Momma’s House 2.” Unfortunately, that was all the acting world had in store for the model, but luckily her modeling career was doing so well that she only managed to go home in Australia once a year. When she moved to Los Angeles, she said it was not to pursue acting but enjoy the lifestyle.

8. She loves building and repairing things

Paige is not the kind of person to wait for a handyman to help her out whenever she has a problem with electricity or needs something to be build. She has skills that she learned from Habitat from Humanity that she uses in her everyday life. The model is proud of her achievements so far that include building a Balinese cabana, laying down electrical cables, hanging doors and doorframes, and making brick pavements.

9. Why she decided to have a second child with Murphy

In 2016, Paige gave birth to Eddie’s ninth child, and some thought she was crazy to be involved with him. However, the love birds have continued to let no one interfere with their lives. So after giving birth to Izzy, they thought it best to have a younger sibling for their daughter to bond with, which is understandable considering that Murphy’s youngest child before Izzy does not even live with the couple. Therefore in 2018, Max was born.

10. She denied being involved with Russell Simmons

The internet is filled with reports that Paige used to date Tyson Beckford and Russell Simmons. While she has never denied dating Tyson, as per Daily Telegraph, the model refuted the claims that she was in a relationship with the hip-hop mogul. She insisted they were friends for many years, although some of the pictures taken of both them suggest they were more than friends.

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