Dave Bautista is Done with Drax

Dave Bautista is Done with Drax
Dave Bautista is Done with Drax

credit: Guardians of the Galaxy

Dave Bautista is done with Drax, and he’s relieved at this time. The former WWE wrestler has portrayed the green-skinned alien for a while now, and people have loved his performance. The fact that he came from the WWE and found such success is amazing enough. 

But it’s fair to state that he’s ready to step away. Not only is he ready to take on other projects, the continual need to apply the makeup that gives Drax his look is a grueling process. He’s not the only one going through the process, but his makeup is extensive enough that his point is easier to understand. This process takes a great deal of time for several MCU stars.

However, after watching Bautista’s process, which involves his entire upper body, it’s easy to see how anyone could get tired of it. The upside of this is that he’s enjoyed being a part of the MCU. He hasn’t had anything bad to say about the franchise that he’s helped to make so great. That alone is worth giving Dave a big thank you while anticipating his exit. 

Some might state that actors know what they’re taking on when they accept certain roles. That’s accurate in all fairness, but it’s still just as fair to think about what it’s like to sit in a chair for hours. In other words, Dave is tired of the makeup process, but he still values the experience. 

Dave Bautista is Done with Drax

credit: Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2

Drax was a fan favorite early on

It didn’t take long for people to find out that they liked Drax. He’s big, he’s goofy, and he says things that are completely off the wall. His appearance didn’t follow entirely with the comics, but that became much less of an issue. The movies haven’t fully conformed to the comics since the inception of the MCU. 

But the acceptance of Drax started out initially as the love of a big dumb animal. People will take such a comment as they will, but Drax’s toughness was offset by his apparent lack of intelligence. People who have watched Bautista in the WWE or in other movies know that he’s an intelligent man. But the fact that Drax acts like a dullard somehow drew more people to him than to other characters. 

Bautista wants to elevate his reputation, and Drax won’t do that

It’s not hard to understand this since many actors desire a reputation that paints them as intelligent. Bautista’s size and his WWE background have left a lot of people thinking that he’s not much of an actor. Thankfully, he’s proven them wrong and wants to keep doing so. In fact, some have lauded him as the best wrestler turned actor, ever. 

That’s still up for debate, but the fact is that Dave has gone on to build a carer that is rather impressive. He’s had to lean on his size and fierce appearance more than once in the several movies he’s starred in, but there’s always a way to make it work. 

Dave Bautista is Done with Drax

credit: Avengers: Infinity War

It’s easy to wonder if Drax is going to die

One thing that fans don’t want to see is an open-ended story that doesn’t tell the definitive end of a character. That usually leaves openings that many feel could lead to new movies and series. But the most current trailer makes it feel as though someone is going to die

If it’s Drax, which feels unlikely, then a lot of people are going to point out his insane level of toughness. It’s a fact that Drax has shown an incredible level of durability and strength. But it’s also shown in the movies that as strong as he is, he’s more effective against those who are weaker than he is. 

In other words, if he is going to die in the third movie, it’s fair to think that the threat the Guardians will face is supremely dangerous. Given that the High Evolutionary is the main villain, it’s fair to think that anyone could die in this next movie. 

Drax is tough, but he’s not unkillable. 

A lot of fans are likely to ask if another similar character will come along

Another Drax won’t come along; that feels certain. Recasting this character doesn’t feel as though it would make sense. But at the same time, once an MCU character bows or is taken out, it’s likely that the franchise will find another character to fit that role. 

At this time, Dave Bautista has done his part for the MCU. He’s played a part that people love and has put up with a lot when it comes to makeup. Wishing him well is all that remains to do when the final movie comes along. No matter what happens, this is a good exit and easy to respect. 

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