Top 5 Best WWE Universal Champions

The Universal Championship has been the top title on WWE’s Raw brand since it was introduced in 2016. Since then, eight WWE Superstars have held the Universal Championship across 14 reigns, including Roman Reigns’ impressive 700+ day reign as champion.

Here are the top 5 best WWE Universal Champions.

5. Bray Wyatt

WWE The Fiend

credit: WWE

Bray Wyatt is a two-time Universal Champion, both of which while he was portraying The Fiend in WWE. It can be argued that his first reign was the highlight of his career because his second reign was so short, only lasting for one week. During his first reign, Bray Wyatt defeated the likes of Daniel Bryan, Braun Strowman, and The Miz during his 119-day reign, before losing the championship in a rather unceremonious manner by losing to Goldberg in under three minutes at Super Showdown 2020. Bray Wyatt was let go from the company in 2021, but with Vince McMahon no longer in charge, it will be interesting to see whether Triple H brings back the Eater of Worlds to the company.

4. Kevin Owens

WWE Kevin Owens Universal Championship

credit: WWE

Kevin Owens is perhaps one of the most underrated Superstars in WWE, with him often being overlooked when it comes to the great champions in the company. But, like other Superstars on this list, Kevin Owens can always be depended upon and gives his all when it comes to any storyline he is put into, which most definitely played a part in him being chosen to be the opponent for Stone Cold Steve Austin when he had his final match after 19-years away from the ring. Kevin Owens was the second Universal Champion in WWE, stepping up after Finn Balor was injured during his Summerslam match with Seth Rollins to crown the first champion. He held the championship until he lost it to Goldberg in just 22 seconds; I’m sensing a pattern here. Unfortunately, Owens has never held a world championship since in WWE. It is a shame because he has repeatedly proven that he can be depended on to carry the company.

3. Seth Rollins

WWE Seth Rollins Universal Championship

credit: WWE

Seth Rollins is currently a two-time Universal Champion, defeating Brock Lesnar on both occasions to win the title. Across his 179-day reign, Seth Rollins dominated the main event throughout 2019; however, this is the final time that The Architect has held a world championship, but it looks like he might not be without a championship for much longer. Although it might not happen immediately, it is almost guaranteed that one of the two will win the championship and reignite their feud together once Cody Rhodes returns from injury

2. Brock Lesnar

WWE Brock Lesnar Universal Championship

credit: WWE

Brock Lesnar is a record-setting three-time Universal Champion, as well as being the second longest reigning champion. Lesnar has defeated Goldberg, Braun Strowman, and Seth Rollins to win the Universal Championship, a very varied list of Superstars. Overall, his matches and reigns have been dominant and the highlight of any WWE PPV he has been part of. Recently, The Beast has been in a feud with long-time rival Roman Reigns over the Universal and WWE Championships, with Lesnar recently losing again to the Tribal Chief at Summerslam in the best match the two have had together. 

1. Roman Reigns

WWE Roman Reigns Smackdown Universal Championship

credit: WWE

Speaking of the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns is undoubtedly the best Universal Champion in WWE’s history. The Head of the Table currently holds the championship for over 700 consecutive days at the time of publishing, first winning the title in August 2020. Roman Reigns has completely transformed himself from a babyface that got consistently booed by the audience to a heel that is beloved by fans, even though that defeats the point of the heel and babyface dynamic. One of the most impressive things that Reigns has accomplished is transitioning into a star attraction similar to Brock Lesnar, with every match he is part of having a big match feel. Although Roman Reigns’ Universal Championship reign will likely be coming to an end soon, it won’t be long before he once again has gold around his waist. 


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