This is Overwatch Reimagined As A 2-D Fighting Game

This is Overwatch Reimagined As A 2-D Fighting Game

So if you don’t know by now, Overwatch is a first-person shooter game in which you get to pick from a fairly good list of characters that each have their own separate abilities and tricks that you can employ during the game. But being re-imagined as a 2D fighting game still makes Overwatch look pretty awesome, just not as expansive. Being a fan of fighting games I can honestly say that this is something I would enjoy playing a few times before getting all the moves down and finding it too simple. But the graphics and the abilities of each character look pretty awesome, if somewhat familiar from many other games that have come before.

That’s not an attempt to knock this game down, far from it. Overwatch looks absolutely awesome and probably offers a lot of good times since it’s a team-based game and is meant to pose a challenge to those that don’t quite know what to do yet. But as a fighting game it just looks like it might pull of the looks and powers of a lot of different characters that have been utilized throughout the years. You have your big guys, medium guys, and then the smaller guys that don’t dish out a lot of damage but can hit when it counts and make it hurt a little more since you don’t see it coming. With the big, heavy hitters you know that one of their hits is bound to knock your health bar down quite a ways. With the medium-sized characters and a lot of female characters it’s the hidden damage that starts stacking up that would need to be a concern.

Fighting games are usually not so much about what the characters can do but what effects their attacks have on the opponent’s health bar and what kind of range they’re able to employ. For instance if a character has a weapon with a long range it’s great since they can keep their opponents at a distance and tee off on them if they’re quick enough and skilled enough to employ them in such a manner. But once another character gets inside that range it could be game over since the smaller, quicker characters can tend to hit three or four times to the one strike of the bigger characters that are usually much slower in accordance with their size.

The power behind each attack from every opponent is usually different depending on where the attack is aimed, how well the other player can block, and of course how strong the attack is perceived to be. For instance, the bigger characters are going to take more off of an opponent’s health bar since they’re stronger and focus more on power attacks. Smaller characters have power attacks as well, but are programmed to rely more on speed, stealth, and the increased stamina that keeps them moving. Fighting games are a lot of fun and if they ever did make one out of Overwatch I might actually play.

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