Comparing Mortal Kombat Characters to Yu-Gi-Oh! Characters

The best thing about being stuck at home is being able to binge TV shows. I was able to revisit the old Yu-Gi-Oh! series on Netflix and it triggered some fond childhood memories. I’ve made some lists out of respect for the old anime series, but now I’ve decided to spice things up a bit and try something new. Being stuck at home has allowed me to binge watch shows, but that’s not all I’ve been catching up on. I have taken this opportunity to have some more fun and play some video games. One of the games I’ve been having fun with is the most recent Mortal Kombat. Yes, it may be a year old, but it still holds up. Plus, now I can play as Spawn. It’s pretty awesome.

As spent time watching Yu-Gi-Oh! and playing Mortal Kombat, I’ve noticed that both franchises have a lot in common. Mortal Kombat may not be a duel of cards, but their characters have a lot of similarities with the Yu-Gi-Oh! characters. If you think that sounds odd, take a minute and hear me out. I’ve given myself the creative challenge of comparing Mortal Kombat characters to Yu-Gi-Oh! characters. If you’re a fan of video games and anime, I suggest you check this out.

Round one. Let’s Duel!

Shang Tsung – Maximillion Pegasus

The first big bads of both their franchises. The hosts of both of their tournaments. Oh, and they both steal souls. Mortal Kombat’s first main antagonist and the first chief antagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! are basically evil twins. The crucial difference between them is that Pegasus isn’t evil for the sake of greed or pride. Unlike Shang Tsung, Pegasus is motivated by a desire to resurrect his dead lover, Cecilia. Shang Tsung needs to consume the souls of others in order to survive, while Pegasus only steals the souls he believes that he needs to accomplish his goals. An interesting difference, but other than that, these bad guys are one in the same. My favorite thing about them is their facetious attitudes. Pegasus uses cards that summon grotesque cartoon characters, while Shang Tsung shapeshifts into a clown and kills his opponent.

The best bad guys are the ones with a sense of humor.

Quan Chi – Yami Bakura

Where there’s Shang Tsung, you know Quan Chi isn’t far behind. The best character that echoes Quan Chi from Yu-Gi-Oh! is undoubtedly Yami Bakura. Both characters are the most recurring villains of their franchises and serve as the most frustrating nuisances for villains. These are the villains that we couldn’t wait to see be defeated, but whenever they lost, they always found a way to return. The most vital thing they have in common is their use of occult-like powers. Yami Bakura has a deck that’s based on occult and horror style creatures, while Quan Chi is a dark sorcerer and has a knack for resurrecting dead warriors and turning them into his personal assassins. If these two were to form an alliance, some serious hell would be break loose.

Noob Saibot – Panik

Which villains like to use the shadows as their weapons? The specter called Noob Saibot and the eliminator known as Panik. Sure, they’re both henchmen, but they do so only to serve themselves. Noob Saibot acts as the puppet only to patiently wait for his chance to betray his master. Panik served Pegasus for free, only because he enjoyed tormenting other duelists. Their most defining traits, however, is their ability to use the shadows to frighten their opponents. They are intimidating characters with the perfect horror vibe look to back up their use of manipulating shadows. Needles to say, neither of them are noobs when it comes to scaring others. Da dum dish.

Liu Kang and Kung Lao – The Paradox Brothers

Honestly, who didn’t see this coming? Johnny Cage once referred to Liu Kang and Kung Lao as “The Kung Fu Twins.” It’s humorous, but fitting, and it’s also a suitable title for the short-lived Yu-Gi-Oh! villains known as The Paradox Brothers. While Liu Kang and Kung Lao don’t try to out-rhyme each other, they do like to show off their flashy martial arts skills. The Paradox Brothers do exactly that during their duel with Yami Yugi and Joey, doing ludicrous flips and flashy movements. They may be villains, but much they are inseparable, much like Liu Kang and Kung Lao. I kinda wished they busted out the moves on Yugi and Joey.

Johnny Cage – Jean-Claude Magnum

Speaking of Johnny Cage, can you guess which Yu-Gi-Oh! character best reflects him? Sadly, he’s not hero, but in a way, he’s a dark reflection of him. Actor/duelist, Jean-Claude Magnum is a Hollywood superstar, best known for playing a ninja in a series of bad action movies. Heck, even his deck consists of ninja-type monsters. His main goal is to win the affections of fellow duelist, Mia Valentine, but he ultimately proves to be an all-talk egomaniac. That sound like our boy, Johnny Cage? Johnny is very much similar to Magnum, except he can actually back up his bantering. Sure, he has a monumental ego, but he means well, and is willing to fight the good fight. As far as ninjas go, just remember the glory of Ninja Mime.

Kano – Bandit Keith

Kano is Australian and Bandit Keith is proudly American, but that’s where the differences end. These villains got the cool bad guy look and will show off their swagger to prove it. They may not be the main villains of their franchises, but they’re both facetious, crude, and love their money. The main thing they have in common is their love for machines. Bandit Keith’s deck is made up of mostly machine monsters, which he uses to the fullest, while Kano uses his advanced cybernetics to aid him in fights. Keith’s slot machine monster echoes his greed, while Kano’s willingness to betray his realm for money cements their place as the ultimate money-grubbing villains. They also love to cheat when they’re in action, and won’t think twice about it. When you take pride in not fighting fair, you know you’re a bad guy.

Sindel – Mia Valentine

Make room for the ladies. The elegant Mia Valentine evolved from the self-serving duelist to loyal friend of Yugi and Joey. Her deck is small, but consist entirely of Harpy monsters. Those are her signature monsters, and the best Mortal Kombat character that reflects them is Sindel. Why her? Well, she’s also elegant, but also the ultimate femme fatale. She can scream louder than a Harpy, but she’s the epitome of the deadly and treacherous seductress. Before Mia became friends with Yugi, she used her good looks to her advantage and easily manipulated men to get what she wanted. She’s not nearly as bad as the recent incarnation of Sindel, but like Sindel, she is not to be underestimated. Both of these gals can be deceptive, seductive, and can make grown men look like wimps.

Raiden – Yami Yugi

Did you think I was going to leave out the top heroes of both franchises? Yami Yugi (or Atem) is the oldest and wisest hero of the series, and always pops around to give people some useful advice. Raiden is exactly that to the other heroes of the Mortal Kombat series. Yami Yugi was never a god, but he was a powerful Pharaoh during the height of the Egyptian empire. He cannot shoot lighting from his hands, but his millennium puzzle gave him considerable power. Aside from that, he was one heck of a duelist, making perfect use of his favorite monster, the Dark Magician. Raiden is a good reflection of the Dark Magician, as he wields great power and gets people out of some tight jams. For the two major heroes of their series’, it’s only fitting that they share these heroic similarities.

There you are lovers of video games and anime. I hope you all agree with at least one of these. Maybe it’s my inner nerd, but in my eyes, thinking about these comparisons was quite the creative challenge for me. Man, was this fun.

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