Everything You Need to Know about the Sheh Rata Shrine

Everything You Need to Know about the Sheh Rata Shrine

One of the shrines in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the Sheh Rata Shrine which is located in the Lanayru Region on its northwest side. This action/adventure Legend of Zelda game is the tenth one in the main series published by Nintendo. The game was released for both the Wii U and the Nintendo Switch. The story of Breath of the Wild follows Link, after waking from a hundred year long slumber, who hears a mysterious voice guiding him to defeat Calamity Ganon before it destroys the Hyrule kingdom.

There’s little instruction and players can explore as they wish due to the game play being an open environment. Typical tasks include solving puzzles, completing side quests, and collecting a variety of multi-use items generally used in completing various game objectives. Because the game allows gamers to complete it in a nonlinear fashion, the gaming world is unobstructed and designed to allow ultimate experimentation.

The game includes over a hundred shrines and Sheh Rata Shrine is one of them. It’s located on a small island which is full of brambles. The island which houses the shrine is west of the Lanayru Tower near the Thims Bridge where the river runs into the swampy region. In order to get inside the shrine, you must set the brambles on fire.

Locating the Shrine

Start by checking out the location of the Sheh Rata Shrine on the game’s interactive map. The shrine is located just east of Crenel Peak at the northern part of the Lanayru Wetlands in the western part of the Lanayru Tower region. Because the entrance is blocked by spikey vines, you’ll have to shoot a fire arrow into them in order to catch them on fire, burning them away. Another way in is by gliding in from Crenel Peak.

Shrine Features

This particular shrine has a lot of interesting features. As soon as you enter the shrine, you’ll notice in front of you a laser which is firing over top of a flooded area. The laser will be down the steps from where you begin. To your left is a lever which when pushed in either direction will cause the laser to circle the room, rotating in the direction you push it. On the far side is a switch which when hit at the rotation’s end, will cause the water to either rise or fall, depending on if the water is up or down.

At this point you need to be sure to drop the platform down before continuing. It needs to be dropped down to the right of the entrance. Search the lower platform before the water begins to rise in order to find an Opal hiding inside a chest. Once you’re ready to go, push the lever in order to start the water level rising. You’ll find that if you try to cross, however, that a pressure plate under the water is sealing the door to the Monk. Because of this scenario, you’ll have to use Cryonis Rune in order to set up three ice blocks. TIP: Be sure not to block the laser from being able to hit the switch located across the room on the other side.

There’s another chest located in the same room as the Monk is locked in. You need to prepare before going after this chest. First, you need to turn the lever in order to make the water level rise. You’ll want to create and place an ice block beside the platform with the crystal switch. Next swim across to the block of ice, using it to help you climb up on the platform where you will want to leave a remote bomb close to the switch itself. Do not detonate the bomb yet!

Go back to the lever. Start the laser moving in order to lower the level of water. Once it begins moving, quickly swim to the other side. After the water level has been lowered, you need to get the metal barrel from the other room, placing it down on the pressure plate. This will allow the final chamber to open. Once you’re on the other side of the gate, blow the remote bomb. This will cause the water level to begin to rise while you’re in the room. However, the ice platform will allow you to get to the chest located to the right of the Monk which holds a Giant Boomerang.

You can now advance by approaching Monk Sheh Ruta and receiving your Spirit Orb. Good luck!

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