Our Kind of People Season 1 Episode 11: It Is Not The Light We Need But Fire

On Our Kind of People Season 1, Episode 10  Aunt Peggy was ridden with guilt about unintentionally murdering her ex-boyfriend years ago after a big fight. Now that she’s being blackmailed by Teddy, she decided to turn herself in to the police. Raymond enlists the help of Tyrique to help him save Darmon. Tyrique destroys the paperwork that Jack signed before he died. Leah betrays Angela by voting against her joining the Graceties.

Is It Really Worth It?

On Our Kind of People Season 1, Episode 11 Angela is considering making a deal with the devil and Leah is slowly but surely realizing that protecting her father is costing her way more than she’s gaining. Leah’s relationship with her father has been putting a major strain on her marriage and she ruined the budding relationship with Angela that she had grown to cherish because of her unwavering loyalty to Teddy. Angela, on the other hand, is pretty much done with Oak Bluffs. After getting blocked from the Graceties by Leah she feels defeated and Aunt Peggy turning herself into the police doesn’t make things any easier. Angela has no choice but to ask Teddy to pull some strings to help protect Aunt Peggy from the blowback of her confession. Teddy agrees to help only if she agrees to leave Oak Bluffs for good. He promises to send her off with enough money to change her life and a generous trust fund for Nikki. Teddy says that her being around digging poses a threat to his family. Angela is seriously thinking about taking Teddy up on his offer. After all, she’s  willing to give up avenging her mother’s death if it’s going to help Aunt Peggy. Also, after not making it into the Graceties, her relationship with Leah ruined and realizing what a horrible person Teddy Angela has nothing left in Oak Bluffs.


Teddy brings Tyrique into the big stadium deal that he’s working on. As a result, Tyrique is able to obtain a password from Franklin Holdings. Tyrique used his IT skills to give Raymond access to Franklin Holdings. Now that Raymond has Jack’s shares and access to Franklin Holdings he is feeling confident about getting back Darmon and he asks Leah to consider running the company alongside him. But everyone knows that Leah’s loyalty is with her father and she’s not willing to make the career move especially since her father has hired a PI to look into  Jack’s death. Since Leah was the last person seen with him it would look suspicious if she abruptly decide to run Darmon with Raymond.

Back From The Dead

Aunt Peggy comes home from the police station. Angela and Nikki are beyond excited. Angela tells Aunt Peggy about the deal she made with Teddy and    she reveals that without a body the police couldn’t arrest her . It turns out that Teddy didn’t use his connections and Aunt Peggy is free pending investigation. Oh yeah, Darius Aunt Peggy’s ex-boyfriend that she thought she killed shows up at the house. It turns out that he was never dead but Teddy paid him to leave town and never come back. Eve, Angela’s mother and Peggy’s sister thought it would be best if she thought Darius was dead so that Peggy would get clean. Darius gives Peggy a brown paper bag. There is a gun inside. Darius says that Teddy gave him the gun to hide years ago and after hearing about what he’s doing to Angela he hopes that the gun will give them some type of leverage over

A Love Triangle

While the love triangle ensues with the adults the kids are caught in their own web of drama. Lauren confronts Sloane Quincy’s new girlfriend about her intentions with her brother. Lauren disapproves of her from the jump. Sloane notes that she is well aware of Taylor sneaking out of her room. Taylor and Lauren are back together. Believe it or not, Lauren doesn’t want Nikki to find out because it will hurt her feelings and destroy the relationship they were building. Sloane agrees to stay out if Lauren’s business if she stays out of hers.

A Peaceful Death

There’s always a celebration and this episode isn’t any different. Leah is happy that her mother has been cleared to attend the Illumination Ball. At the ball, she watches her parents share a beautiful last dance. Unfortunately, that morning her mother passed away peacefully leaving behind a beautiful note for her to daughter to live her life freely and without being tied down by Teddy. Although Angela is furious with Leah she attends the funeral. The episode ends with Angela holding her sister in a tight embrace.

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