The Original Reason Marge Simpson Had Such Big Hair

The Original Reason Marge Simpson Had Such Big Hair

The Original Reason Marge Simpson Had Such Big Hair

Something tells me that Matt Groening wasn’t entirely sober when he first came up for the idea of Marge Simpson. If you’re wondering why I’d bother saying that it’s because the original idea and reason for her having that beehive hairdo in a town where no one dressed or acted like they were stuck in the 60’s was that she was supposed to have long rabbit ears. This was supposed to be a big reveal during the final episode but it was scrapped early on in production due to just too many inconsistencies. At this point I think we can all say a silent ‘thank you’ to whomever decided to ax this particular physical trait.

I think the first time we saw Marge with her hair down it would have shown, so obviously they had to go so she didn’t end up looking like a blue-haired Lola Bunny. Marge has been a lot of things since The Simpsons debuted. She’s been the ultimate homemaker, the overworked mom, and the constantly annoyed wife that has to deal with an overgrown man-child of a husband, a daughter who can’t function without school, and a son whose biggest achievement in life has been spewing one catchphrase after another. Oh, and then there’s Maggie. I guess the worst thing Maggie’s ever done is trying to cause serious harm to Home after watching Itchy and Scratchy, but that was kind of a problem really.

Throughout the long history of the show Marge has had to put up with a lot from her family, her husband’s family, and the neighborhood in general. She even had to put up with the local reverend for a while when he lost his faith and could no longer console his flock. Throughout it all she’s managed to keep her cool most of the time, but there have been moments when she flew off the hook and bared her teeth in a way that made it seem like she would rather be doing anything but being a housewife.

Can you blame her? Homer is about as impulsive and moronic as any grown man has a right to be, Lisa isn’t too bad but she’s the family know-it-all that can’t seem to turn her intellect off, and Bart is the kid that you send to school in the hope that you won’t be getting a visit from the police later in the day. I would say the only one that doesn’t worry her at all is Maggie, but that would be a lie since Maggie gets up to her own fine bit of mischief, but she’s small and still relatively slow so Marge manages to catch her pretty easily.

Overall Marge Simpson has been one of the most wholesome women on TV in a long, long time. She’s been amde to suffer through some of the most embarrassing and frustrating moments of anyone and has still been good enough to stay with her family and ride it out. Face it, anyone else would have left Homer by now, and with good cause.

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