Original Ghostbusters Movie Outtakes are Part of New TV Commercial

Ghostbusters Stay Puft

When looking at clips in which actors go over, and over, and over their lines again and again it’s hard to believe that any of them can plaster a smile on their faces for more than a couple of seconds at a time. That’s got to be bunch of repetitive noise after a while that doesn’t have as much meaning, but to those that enjoy what they do it might just be part of the process and therefore not really all that tough. Then again, there are plenty of actors that would state that having to say the same thing a few hundred times a day is more than a little tiring. As the writers at MovieWeb show, the Ghostbusters commercial from the 80s was ridiculous then as it is now, but looking at it in this light it’s a bit more so when thinking how many times they had to do this over and over until it was deemed as okay. Trying to keep a straight face or even look as though they weren’t bored out of their skulls had to be kind of difficult since just listening to the lines this many times might have a lot of people waiting eagerly for a blooper that might be a little more than obvious.

The thing about this movie though is that it almost feels as though it could have been insanely dark and capable of giving people nightmares without much effort, but it kept things nice and light for most of the way through and even made itself into a classic with its sense of humor and a cast that couldn’t have been better. In terms of what it did for pop culture this movie wasn’t entirely groundbreaking but it did bring a good bit of humor and a very compelling story to life that people happened to enjoy. Ghosts and the supernatural have been a part of humanity’s history for a long time now and have been represented in a lot of different ways, but the Ghostbusters brought the story to life in a way that was a lot more modern and created a buzz that hadn’t been heard as of yet. The second movie was okay, but it didn’t match the verve of the first, and just so I can get this out of the way, the 2016 reboot did pay a bit of respect to the originals simply by having them in the movie, including the bust of Harold Ramis, but it did feel as though they were leaning too heavily on trying to recreate the original movie without their male counterparts being too involved when in truth a continuation might have been a little wiser to attempt since it still might have been able to pull off of the whole idea of women being just as funny and useful as men when it came to busting ghosts, and it could have been considered as part of the canon and therefore a worthwhile addition. But that wasn’t the goal obviously. Ruining the original movie wasn’t possible as some might have thought, but turning their back on the original out of a desire to do something original kind of backfired in a big way.

It’s yet to be seen just how Ghostbusters: Afterlife is going to do in the theaters since the idea of bringing back the team isn’t bound to happen in exactly the way that people want, as Rick Moranis won’t be back, Harold Ramis passed away a while back, and there’s no telling just who will be in the next movie. But people are excited simply because it’s a return to the original story line that made the idea of the Ghostbusters so great to begin with. It’s not necessarily a plot or a plan to exclude the efforts of the 2016 movie, but, as those at Screenrant might agree, had that movie been allowed to join the canon in a way that would have made sense then people might have hoped for another great sequel instead of just trying to forget that the most recent version ever happened. Leslie Jones and anyone else can say what they want, but the 2016 movie had its moments, though it also had plenty of moments when the story was sacrificed for gimmickry and virtue signaling that was being passed off as just another bit of humor. Of course even mentioning such things would be a call to arms for some folks, usually because the truth hurts.

When all is said and done though the Ghostbusters are an important part of pop culture, and there’s a lot more to them as this clip shows. Hopefully Afterlife will be another hit, or at the very least a pleasant addition to the franchise, but we’ll have to wait and see. If nothing else it will be a worthwhile attempt that will hopefully catch up with the guys and see what’s been going on in the years since their last adventure.

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