Oreo Builds Asteroid-Proof Vault to Protect Its Cookies

Oreo Builds Asteroid-Proof Vault to Protect Its Cookies

That’s a lot of work for a cookie commercial. But apparently, Oreos are REALLY important and it would be a crying shame if the knowledge of Oreos were lost a coming apocalypse, as the end of the world shouldn’t be a reason to lose out on the favorite snack of so many, should it? It’s okay to laugh, really, because hopefully, we won’t be seeing a series of vaults that will be lined up down the road from the famous seed vault that is meant to help humanity, or whatever is left, to populate the world after an extinction-level event. One has to imagine that a cracker vault, a candy vault, a soda vault, and many other types of vaults would be constructed if the companies had the intent to make it happen, but then again, it’s also likely that a lot of these foods would break down over time and be virtually useless, especially if no one could find the means to get inside the vaults. Is anyone thinking about that at this point? What if the famous seed vault can’t be opened if the people that have access are all gone? Is there some contingency plan in place to make sure that they’re among the last to go? Or is there a set of keys that can be passed off or hidden to ensure that the goods inside are found eventually? It’s enough to laugh with this clip but it’s also enough to wonder why the doomsday scenarios tend to pop up every now and then.

One vault that probably won’t ever be created would be a Twinkie vault, since like it or not, there are two things that are sure to survive a nuclear holocaust or the end of the world, and those are cockroaches, and Twinkies. It’s an old gag obviously but it’s something that a lot of people are fond of saying since snack foods are so filled with different stuff that many people are of the mind that they’ll continue to last well into the next era when humanity is on the wane and a new type of existence is ready to take over. At that point the simplest life forms will be able to survive since they might be able to adapt a little easier to the world that’s left behind, while humans and other life forms might need to accept that they’re going the way of the dodo, or do their best to preserve a past that could be easily forgotten if there are no documents left of it.

Building bunkers like this is something that many people would like to be a joke, but when it comes to the hubris of humanity one has to admit that there are plenty of those that would love to see our way of life preserved, and that we’ll need to keep as much of this world safe and retrievable as possible. Does anyone else see a problem with this? Who in their right mind in the future to come is going to care if we had the recipe for Oreos or not? When looking back the humans of the future, or whoever is here at that point, might look at the recipe and think ‘No wonder they died out, their sugar intake was through the roof!’. Yes, that’s a joke, but the truth of it is that something like this does tend to get a lot of people worked up since the idea of keeping a bunker in which things and perhaps even people can be kept safe if an asteroid hits the earth or the world ends for some inexplicable reason is one that many people would like to believe is true and can happen. Of course it can happen. People can build a bunker if they own the land and have the money and can afford the materials. Building a bunker isn’t the hard part really, it’s getting people to stop believing that the doomsday scenarios are going to be the saving grace of humanity.

The whole idea behind this is amusing and kind of funny, but the thought of needing a bunker at all is something that people have discussed at length at this point and the reality is when it comes to building a vault to keep stuff in, one admits that they have little to no faith in the future to come. Humanity doesn’t want to get erased off of the face of the earth, or from the annals of history that many have been keeping track of for so long, and as a result people want to know that humanity will continue. It’s a valid concern since very few people, relatively speaking, want to contemplate oblivion. But a world without Oreo cookies, well, some people might want to debate that for a while.

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