One BTS Detail Proves Why Fred Armisen Is The Perfect Uncle Fester

Tim Burton’s Wednesday has taken Netflix by storm with morbid themes, supernatural elements, and an undeniable charm. The show is witty, smart, and sarcastic. It also has a phenomenal cast – Jenna Ortega, Christina Ricci, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Gwendoline Christie, and many more. But one casting decision particularly caught our attention: Fred Armisen as Uncle Fester.

We can’t say we weren’t (pleasantly) surprised to see Fred Armisen in this role. But even though he doesn’t seem like the typical person to take on this role, he quickly proves he’s the perfect Uncle Fester.

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What makes things even more interesting is that Uncle Fester was the final Addams Family character to be announced for the Wednesday series. He’s not even in the show’s original trailer! There were even rumors circling that Johnny Depp would be cast. This is mostly because of his longtime collaboration and friendship with the show’s creator Tim Burton. But Fred Armisen is more than ideal for Uncle Fester, and we’re happy to see what the creators have planned for him for the next season.

You maybe remember Fred Armisen from Saturday Night Live or Portlandia. He is currently one of the most talented comedic actors in Hollywood who was a part of the Saturday Night Live crew for 11 years. He’s best known for his power of transformation through different voices and accents. He is a true master of impressions.

But what is Fred Armisen like as Uncle Fester? Here’s why we think he’s ideal for this role.

Fred Armisen Shaves His Head for the Role of Uncle Fester

Credit: Wednesday

Armisen only makes a brief appearance on Wednesday in the penultimate episode, “If You Don’t Woe Me by Now.” However, despite his short appearance, Fred Armisen demonstrated huge dedication to the role. Not only was he willing to travel to Romania to film the show, but he also decided to shave his head. Much like Christopher Lloyd did for the 1991 Addams Family movie, Fred Armisen also showed his dedication to the Wednesday series.

His performance as Uncle Fester was amazing, to say the least. He successfully depicted the character’s goofy and unhinged personality, capturing really well why he’s the family’s black sheep.

Will Fred Armisen Come Back As Uncle Fester In Wednesday, Season 2?

Even though there’s no official confirmation yet, Armisen will likely come back as Uncle Fester for season 2 of the show. We sure hope we will watch him in an expanded role, though, as his presence truly made the show more special.

And since Wednesday has a very close relationship with her uncle, our wishes may come true. Other than that, we hope to see other important Addams Family members, such as Grandmama Addams and Cousin Itt.

Will There Be Wednesday Season 2?

Credit: Wednesday

Wednesday season 2 is still not confirmed, so we have yet to receive news from Netflix about it. So far, we know that the show is on track to be the most successful Netflix show ever.

With 341 million hours watched two weeks after its release, Wednesday set a record for Netflix viewings figures. It even surpassed the fourth season of Stranger Things (335 million hours).

Let’s face it; numbers don’t lie, so it is very likely that we will get to see Jenna Ortega, Fred Armisen, and the others reprise their iconic roles in the show’s second season.

When we first heard the news about Armisen playing Uncle Fester on Wednesday, we’ll be frank; everyone was a little bit skeptical about it. But it’s safe to say that he showed real dedication and reverence for his performance as one of the key members of the Addams Family. We can now say we’re impressed with how Armisen brought this one-of-a-kind character to life.

He sure showed us that he is the perfect Uncle Fester, and we loved every minute of his brief appearance. The show is better with Fred Armisen in it. Now, all we can do is wait to see what Tim Burton has in store for him in the future!

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