Why You Should be Following Olivia Munn on Instagram

Why You Should be Following Olivia Munn on Instagram

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, is a popular app for social networking where those with an account can share photos and videos from their smartphone. Similar to Facebook, everyone with an account also has a profile and news feed. When posting a photo or video on this app, it will also show up on your profile. Users who follow the account that’s posting will see the new posts in their news feed.

Users who upload photos and videos can also choose to edit them with various popular filters, organized tags, and information about location. They can be shared publicly or privately to approved followers. It’s really like a simplified version of Facebook with an emphasis on visual sharing and mobile use. Those with accounts can interact with other users by following them, liking, commenting, tagging, and, like other apps, private messaging. In addition, users can also save photos seen on Instagram.

One of the most popular Instagram users is American actress and model Olivia Munn. In television journalism is where she began her professional career before making the transition to actress and model. Her Instagram is very popular and here’s one of the reasons why you should be following Olivia Munn on Instagram: she uses it in the best of ways!

Looking at her perfect-looking hair, you wouldn’t think she has any problem whatsoever with it. After all, it’s long, healthy-looking, and luscious, not to mention that it’s always on point. However, like a lot of people, she claims to have issues with adding body and texture to it, unless, of course, she’s being attended to by a part-magician, part-hair stylist, which is not always attainable. Even if you’re a famous actress and model, you don’t want to have to call in a hair stylist every time you go anywhere! So, Munn did something to help liven up her flat hair by getting a perm. Not only did she get a perm, but she documented it all via Instagram.

The X-Men actress used Instagram for documenting the perm process, revealing that she was getting a perm to give her hair some body and texture, which she claims, was much-needed. Munn says her hair is so heavy and thick that she has a hard time maintaining any body, adding the proof by way of a selfie showing her stick straight hair. Asking everyone to wish her luck, she began her journey into the permanent wave trip on her Instagram.

In a series of videos, photos, and Boomerangs, Munn showed the Instagram world play-by-play of the entire process of her getting a perm, which even included shrieks of pain. The hair stylist, Kylie Fitzgerald, was lucky enough to give Olivia her very first perm, gaining a lot of attention as well from Munn’s Instagram followers. The hair stylist began by using bright orange curlers to wrap Munn’s hair in. Then she applied the curling formula which she blotted with a towel then rinsed. Tracking the time stamps of her Instagram accounting, Munn was at the salon for a couple of hours; anyone who’s gotten a perm before knows it doesn’t happen in minutes. It’s definitely a bit time consuming.

However, two days later, when Munn was able to shampoo and reveal her new permed locks, she did so, again, via Instagram, ending on a positive note. Munn said the four words everyone wants to say after going through a major hair transformation; she said she felt so pretty! Follow Munn on Instagram to see what she does next!

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