Official BoJack Horseman Season 4 Trailer Arrives

I wish I could say that I’ve begun to lose faith in the sincerity of the adult sitcom but there was never much to begin with in the first place. The fact that Bojack Horseman is coming back for a 4th season is just kind of like piling a rotten pile of potatoes on a burning manure fire. The worst part about that is the fact that a lot of people would still sit around that fire and roast marshmallows while singing kumbaya. Really, that’s what it seems to be like anymore when it comes to sitcoms.

The fact that this show is popular at all is something that is beyond ridiculous and is almost offensive. Right next to the cash me ousside girl, this walking dumpster fire has been going on for three seasons now and no one has seemed to see anything wrong with it. Opinions do vary and we’re all entitled to them but honestly this show seems like one giant tribute to Gary Larson with talking animals and the fact that they are going through very real, human problems.

There might be a lot of comedy to it and some drama that could make it interesting but the premise and the delivery is just too much for words, but I’ll keep coming with the words because thankfully none of you can read my mind. Bojack Horseman is essentially a guy that’s just trying to get his life back, meaning he’s trying to hold onto the fading bit of fame he had years before and can’t let go because it’s his entire life. But he’s not obsessed about it or anything.

He’s the kind of character that in a live action show would have liquor bottles lying around, prescription pill bottles stacked on counters or tables, and a permanent five o’clock shadow on his face wherever he went. He’d tell people about the good old days when his show was still running, about how he was given a raw deal and that’s why he’s out of work, and he’d then do whatever it took to get back, no matter what. To be honest he’d be the faded star that didn’t know just how far he’d fallen and saw at least a glimmer of light for his career without realizing it was the last little bit of his celebrity status fading away.

Why people watch this show is kind of obvious, they think it’s funny and engaging and somehow redemptive even after it almost got shot down by critics initially. Why they didn’t give it the final nudge into the cancellation column is kind of confusing, but then if the people want something badly enough then they’re going to lobby to get it obviously. This is a good example of people wanting something that won’t challenge them and will give out a total dumbfest of such proportions that they can just sit back and feel their brain turn to mush for a short  amount of time.

A talking horse, seriously. Mr. Ed must be neighing in his grave.


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