What We’re Expecting from BoJack Horseman Season 4

Netflix announced the renewal of favorably acclaimed comedy animation BoJack Horseman for a new season 4. This comes almost immediately after its third run that ended last year. Apparently, fans kept calling for its return due to its penchant on addressing a lot of adult topics that largely ignored by most animations. Although Netflix is yet to begin promoting the series, there are speculations that the show will be steering slightly away from its usual celebrity bubble.

I have gathered a handful of its spoilers already.

What’s up with the new theme?

Raphael Bob-Waksberg, the show runner, has revealed that Bojack Horseman Season 4 was written quite some time before the November 2016 American elections. So a significant number of episodes in the season are going to the changing political climate of President Donald Trump. He further claimed that it won’t obsess itself with the influence of the liberals but rather the aftershock of the election of a former GOP nominee and how America is coping with the situation. But the eventual fate of Season 4 is still hanging in the air. Bob-Waksberg has sworn to grab every opportunity to address the future fears of the series if Netflix really grants them another season.

The cast

All the regular voice cast is going to resume its roles oi the new season. Will Arnette will voice BoJack, Aaron Paul will remain BoJacks hanger-on pal Todd, Paul Tompkins will do Mr. Peanutbutter, Amy Sedaris as cat/agent Princes Carolyn and Alison Brie as the smart Diane.

It is, however, not very clear yet if there are any celebrities making cameos in this season. A number of real-world pop culture stars and celebrities have made cameos in the series previously. Fans can as well expect a comeback of some kind in Season 4s upcoming episodes. There is a strong chance that impersonations will be included.

What is BoJack himself up to this time?

BoJack himself is rumored to be having some revelations under his sleeve that he intends to tell out. For instance, there are speculations that he is finally going to reveal his secret daughter in Season 4. You all remember one mysterious lady who appeared in Season 3, she has been strongly tipped by fans to be the alleged daughter in question. Who is her mom anyway? We might be told everything in Season 4.

Any other changes?

Mr. Peanutbutter is going to receive less limelight in favor of Margo Martindale. This is according to the poll on Twitter by BoJack Horseman official page. Fans were asked who they would like to see more in the upcoming season and Margo Martindale won by a landslide against Mr. Peanutbutter.

Netflix and the production team of the series are yet to announce the official date the Season 4 will be airing. The previous seasons were mainly released mainly in July but this one is a little late. There are speculations it might be released sometime in early August. We are not sure if a late July release is possible because no promotion materials have been released so far. BoJack Horseman Season 4 is will be interesting

Are you excited for this new season of BoJack Horseman? You should be.

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