NYC Officer Will Give Ryan Reynolds a Ticket if No Hugh Jackman Cameo in Deadpool 3

The friendly feud between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds is still going if anyone is paying attention still. Did anyone think it was about to end? This time around though it sounds as though Jackman was having a good laugh by enlisting an NYC officer to assure that Reynolds is fully aware of what might happen during his next trip to the Big Apple if Reynolds doesn’t end up putting Jackman in Deadpool 3 for a minute or two. That doesn’t sound like much of a threat though, to be honest since Reynolds has no doubt wanted to see what might happen when it comes to putting Hugh into a movie with Deadpool. Whether he would be showing up as Wolverine, himself, or another character is kind of hard to say though since this feud has been ongoing for a while and has been hilarious most times since the two men tend to tee off on each other in ways that feel kind of brutal at times but, like now, feel a bit silly as well. Just imagine if a New York cop did manage to follow through on this, people would lose their minds. The sentiments regarding the police these days are so uncertain that it’s likely that the mere idea of this offended some people, while others might have just rolled their eyes and disregarded it entirely. That would probably be the best bet simply because the idea surrounding the police and celebrities can become a rather stick conversation that could end up becoming a heated debate that a lot of people would rather avoid.

But a Deadpool movie featuring Wolverine, even for just a few minutes, would be pretty cool since with a little work it could be determined that the two met up or interacted with each other well before the Logan timeline and possibly collaborated on something that left its mark on both men. There are so many possibilities for this pairing that it’s hard to speak against it in any way. Wolverine and Deadpool have met plenty of times in the comics, and it’s usually been seen that Logan can’t stand Wade, kind of like the feud that Jackman and Reynolds have had for a while now in fact. But while they’re both deadly and have insanely effective healing factors, Wolverine is definitely all about business when it’s time to get down and dirty, and Deadpool is the type that will joke his way through a battle whenever he can. Seeing these two in a movie together would be a lot of fun it feels like, especially since it might not stop the feud, but it would certainly add another level to it that a lot of fans would likely appreciate. But if Logan and Wade could meet up, that would be something that might really draw a lot of fans to what is already expected to be another great sequel when Deadpool 3 comes along. Right now it does sound as though the movie plans to film in 2022, but until things start happening it’s best not to hold your breath.

Another reason for that is the fact that while Deadpool will be a part of the MCU, it’s apparently going to keep its R rating, which is a bonus for many fans since watching Deadpool being reduced to what Blade might be since the vampire-hunter is being given a PG-13 rating, would be a little too difficult. It’s understandable that the MCU wants to remain family-friendly since a big part of the fanbase are kids that don’t need to hear the constant swearing and see the bloody battles that Deadpool gets into. But has anyone read the comics lately? It’s not support for the blood and guts, okay maybe it is, but the fact is that a lot of Marvel comics are undeniably violent and yet people allow their kids to keep reading them under the idea that they’re not live-action, they’re not something that appears real, and for various other reasons. Like it or not, the comic books are sometimes worse than what’s seen on the big or small screens since in the comics people have been torn apart, countless disturbing acts have been committed, and the symbol-laden swearing that’s taken place in comics for so long has only ever been replaced with the actual words in select comics that are usually not Marvel.

The point to all this is that keeping Deadpool rated R is a great decision, and it would be a very good decision to put Hugh Jackman in Deadpool 3 in some capacity, no matter where he might be shown. Obviously the threat of a ticket in NYC isn’t really needed to get Ryan Reynolds moving on something like this, but it’s a great way to keep promoting the feud between him and Jackman.

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